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Редкие фото из Северной Кореи

Фото Оливера Уэйнрайта © Oliver Wainwright

Фотограф побывал в стране в ходе официальной турпоездки, организованной Пекинской компанией (Koryo tours), она возит иностранцев в Сев. Корею более 20 лет.

Уэйнрайт говорит, что потребовались месяцы переговоров, чтобы его включили именно в туристскую поездку, потому что журналистам показывают очень мало

"I have never been anywhere where a national ideology is so totally embodied in the architectural fabric of the city," Wainwright said. "To see the urban fabric, from the layout of streets to the specific design of interiors, expressing the values and ambitions of such an ideologically-driven regime was a fascinating thing to behold."

Changgwang San Hotel, Pyongyang.

"You might expect endless streets of crumbling grey concrete apartment buildings, but Pyongyang is one of the most colorful cities I have been to," Wainwright said.

Changgwang Health and Recreation Complex, Pyongyang

"The two things that most struck me about North Korea interiors were the sense of symmetry and the recurring pastel color palettes," Wainwright said.

Национальный драмтеатр в Пхеньяне

National Drama Theatre, Pyongyang.

Wainwright said the interiors themselves were a big enough inspiration for him to want to partake in this series. "From the Soviet-era buildings from the 1950s and 1960s, when North Korea was heavily reliant on the USSR, to the more brightly colored recent renovations masterminded by the current leader, Kim Jong-Un," he said.

Молодёжная гостиница в Пхеньяне

Дипломатический клуб

Отель "Корио"

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