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Cегодня в истории

Прошу прощения, но переводить сегодня не буду - пишу пост после работы, день у нас заканчивается, а в России уже почил в бозе, так что... в следующий раз, следующий день в истории, мейби.

The first Miss America contestants wearing their sashes over swimsuits in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on Sept. 7, 1921

Japanese marines marching up Hongkew Road amid a scene of ruin in China, on Sept. 7, 1937. Bombing and shelling, followed by disastrous fires, ruined a large area of Hongkew.

1951 - Treaty of Peace with Japan. Japan's Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida speaks at the Japanese peace treaty conference, in San Francisco Opera House on Sept. 7, 1951.

1961 - School integration A picket line of 40 parents of African-American children marched on Glenfield School in Montclair, New Jersey, on Sept. 7, 1961 to protest the opening of classes. About a third of the pupils were kept home in the protest.

1963 - Civil Rights housing protests Integrationists lie on the floor of a sales office for Levitt & Sons, developer for Belair, a housing development in Bowie, Maryland, Sept. 7, 1963.
The group was protesting the firm's refusal to sell homes to blacks.

1970 - Hijacked Pan Am plane
The tail of the hijacked Pan American 747 jumbo jet is the only part left after the huge plane was blown up by Palestinian commandos, Sept. 7, 1970. The jet was one of three hijacked over Europe to the Middle East.

1972 - Northern Ireland hotel bomb
A soldier is seen after he had retrieved the bomb’s timing device from the bomb-laden van outside the Europa Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on Sept. 7, 1972.

1972 - Munich Olympics
Survivors of the Israeli Olympic Team, wearing white hats, guard coffins of their fallen teammates displayed in military vehicles at Israel's Los Airport, Sept. 7, 1972. Eleven members of Israel's Olympic Team were killed on Sept. 5 by Arab terrorists in Munich

1977 - Panama Canal treaty
President Carter and Panamanian leader Brigadier General Omar Torrijos sign the Panama Canal Treaty at the Organization of American States on Sept. 7, 1977 in Washington.

1986 - Desmond Tutu. Desmond Tutu's enthronement as archbishop of Cape Town on Sept. 7, 1986

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