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Сегодняшний день в истории

1776 - Натан Хейл (Nathan Hale). Шпионил за английскими войсками для генерала Вашигтона. Был пойман англичанами и повешен в Нью Йоркев этот день.

Короля Камбоджи Сисовата Монивонга (Sisowath Monivong) несут в золотом паланкине от королевского дворца по улицам Пном-Пеня сразу после коронации 10 сентября 1928 года.

Делегаты на конференции Лиги наций в Женеве 10 сентября 1930 года. Через 9 лет СССР выпрут из этой Лиги за нападение на Финляндию.

Коммунисты и симпатизирующие им идут на встречу с мэром Нью Йорка для того, чтобы вручить петицию против безработицы во время Великой депрессии. 10 сентября 1932.

Королева Елизавета в Лондоне с мужем Джорджем VI, смотрят на развалины их дома после налёта немецкой авиации на Букингемский дворец в Лондоне  10 сентября 1940.

1944 - WWII France Bridges spanning the Rhone River in France on Sept. 10, 1944 were bombed by the Allies at Tarascon to hinder the German retreat.

1949 - Digital calculating machines Mark III, the third of the large-scale digital calculating machines to operate at Harvard University, was unveiled to 600 scientists and industrialists attending the Harvard symposium in Cambridge, Ma., on Sept. 10, 1949.

1963 - Civil Rights School Integration Pupils at West End High shout and wave flags from the curb across the street from the school which was integrated, Sept. 10, 1963 in Birmingham, Ala.

1964 - Hurricane Dora Waves churned by hurricane Dora batter those St. Simons homes by the Atlantic Ocean on Sept. 10, 1964.

1977 - Hamida Djandoubi Hamida Djandoubi of Tunisia in this file picture being led by police officials through a tunnel leading to the courtroom from the jail in Aix en Provence. Djandoubi was the last person to be executed under the death penalty in France in 1977.

1977 - Serial-killing couple meets Charlene Williams meets Gerald Gallego at a poker club in Sacramento, California, resulting in one of the worst serial killing teams in American history. The Gallegos killed and sexually assaulted at least 10 people over a two-year period.

1985 - Birmingham riots The clean up begins of the aftermath of disorders that broke out in the Lozells Road area of Handsworth, Birmingham on Sept. 10, 1985. Racial violence caused the outbreak of arson and looting in the area.

1991 - Serbia ethnic fighting

Residents of Osijek run to a shelter at the main square on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 1991 after the federal Yugoslav Army fired artillery shells at the center of the town. The first curfew in Croatia since World War II at night, did little to curb ethnic fighting between Serbs and Croats.

000 - Cats Farewell
The cast and crew of the Broadway musical "Cats" celebrate on stage after the farewell performance on Sept. 10, 2000. "Cats," Broadway's longest running show, hung up its whiskers, tails, and, toe shoes after nearly 18 years and a record 7,485 performances.

2008 - Large Hadron Collider

European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) scientists applause at the Cern's control center on Sept. 10, 2008 near Geneva during the switch on operation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

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