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Сегодняшний день в истории. 14 сентября.

1927 - Умирает знаменитая танцовщица (и одно время супруга Сергея Есенина) Айседора Дункан (Isadora Duncan)

Seated portrait of Isadora Duncan, (1878-1927) American dancer and teacher who was an influential pioneer of modern dance, ca.1910s. She died in a car accident when a scarf she was wearing became entangled in a wheel.

1933 - Гитлер проводит войсковой смотр

Жмёт руку губернатору Вильгельму Мурру (Wilhelm Murr).

Adolf Hitler shakes hands with the Governor Wilhelm Murr of Wurttemberg, when he visited that section to inspect troops near Ulm, Sept. 14, 1933.

1936 - Парад в честь нацистского съезда

Было примерно 100 000 зрителей.

The parade of light tanks during the military display on the Nuremburg Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg, Germany on Sept. 14, 1936. This was the last day of the Nazi party congress and the ceremonial took the form of a great parade of the three fighting forces before a crowd of 100,000.

1938 - Первый полёт Графа Цеппелина

New German airship LZ103, sister ship of the Hindenburg, has been named Graf Zeppelin on its first flight at Friedrichshafen, Germany, on Sept. 14, 1938.

1941 - Военная кинопропаганда

Бриттанцы перехватили немецкий пропагандистский фильм под названием 'Война на Восктоке', и пустили его в кинотеатры, озаглавив 'Шедевр, проставляющий жестокость'.

A German machine gun crew in action on the eastern front and is from the German film “war in the east” shown Sept. 14, 1941, which was intercepted by the British and shown in British movies with the caption “a masterpiece of the glorification of brutality.”

1943 - Жестокая казнь русских крестьян

Эту фотографию нашли у военнопленного немца.

This photograph was found on a German prisoner of war who served with one of the punitive detachments of the 16th German Army in Russia. It was taken by a German amateur photographer and gives concrete evidence of the methods used by the Gestapo to shoot Russian peasants. A peasant about to be shoot in the back of the head, on Sept. 14, 1943.

1966 - Интеграция негров в школы проходит с трудом

Более 80 чёрных школьников идут в школу "только для белых" в Гренаде, Миссисипи.

Students pass riot-clad Mississippi Highway Patrolmen on their way to the formerly all-white school in Grenada, Mississippi, Sept. 14, 1966. Grenada High School broke out in violence when the school was integrated. Over 80 black students marched to school from a nearby church.

1982 - Умирает Грейс Келли

В этот день в 1982, Принцесса Монако, бывшая актриса, погибает в возрасте 52 от автокрушения накануне.

Monaco: Princess Grace of Monaco, former American film star Grace Kelly, died 9/14 from injuries suffered in a car crash. She was 52. The former model from Philadelphia high society is shown in a 1955 portrait during her Hollywood years.

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