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Сегодняшний день в истории.

Америка вступает во владение Аляской, купленной у России. 1867 год.

Illustration shows Russian and American diplomats as they sign the Treaty of Cession whereby the United States bought Alaska from the Russian Empire, Washington, DC, March 30, 1867. Present are (left to right) American diplomat Robert Smith Chew (1811 - 1873), American Secretary of State William Henry Seward (1801 - 1872), American diplomat William Hunter Jr. (1805 - 1886), secretary of the Russian mission Waldemar de Bodisco (d. 1878), Russian ambassador Eduard de Stoeckl (1804 - 1892), American senator Charles Sumner (1811 - 1874), American Assistant Secretary of State, and son of the Secretary of State, Frederick William Seward (1835 - 1915). The illustration is after a painting by Emanuel Leutze.

1912 - Первая Балканская война разгорелась между членами Балканской лиги - Сербией, Болгарией и Грецией и Оттоманской империей.

General Dimiyriev, commander of the Third Bulgarian Army, his staff notes with the battle of Lule Burgas, fought between 28 October and 3 November 1912. First Balkan War, Bulgaria, 20th century.

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