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Подъём неонацизма в Канаде. Гитлер был не так уж и плох.

Эту молодую (19 лет) дурочку зовут Вероника Бушар (Veronica Bouchard)

Veronica Bouchard celebrates Adolf Hitler's birthday.

К дню рождения своего любимца она украсила тортики свастиками и спела ему Happy Birthday.

Дальше я, может быть, переведу, если будет время и настроение. Рождестов всё-таки на носу и аперитив под носом.

“Hitler actually wasn’t that bad. He wasn’t evil at all. And he’s one of my favourite people of all time,” she says.

Petite and pretty, she speaks variously in an over-acted breathy whisper, or a treacly, girlish singsong, sometimes blatantly trying to force tears about the supposed genocide of white people. At other times, she is vulgar, smug, sarcastic, agitated and angry, swearing at the suggestion she is uneducated and ignorant.

Ignore what she says, and she could be any other petulant teenager talking to her phone. But Bouchard, known as Evalion, is fast becoming a leading star of neo-Nazism, and her runaway popularity threatens to upend the nearly unbroken tradition of male dominance in white supremacy.

Tagged online as “Future Queen of the Fourth Reich,” she is a prime example — the latest, not the first — of how young women can become the hot new thing in racist subcultures almost overnight, far easier than sieg-heiling, black-costumed, tattooed male skinheads.

“I know she’s getting something out of it. I got something out of it. I got the attention, I got people listening to me for the first time and all that. But I find it really sad, too. It’s not going to be a good ending,” said Elisa Hategan, who was recruited into the neo-Nazi Heritage Front as a teenager in 1990s Toronto, and quickly became a prominent speaker, but has long since disavowed racism. “She’s not going to get out of this thing until she gets arrested.”

In the last year, Bouchard has been banned from YouTube; promoted by her “friend” Paul Fromm, a disgraced former teacher and Canada’s hapless wannabe Goebbels; fawningly hosted by creepy middle-aged male racists like Brian Ruhe and James Sears; questioned about hate propaganda by border agents who searched her journals and computer as she returned from Germany; and investigated by police for the rare criminal charge of promoting hatred. There is also an investigation in Germany, where Holocaust denial is illegal, and where some of her videos appear to have been made. As Bouchard put it, she believes the Holocaust “might not have happened.”

Veronica Bouchard, AKA Evalion© YouTube/National Post Veronica Bouchard, AKA Evalion

Amanda Hohmann, national director of B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights, which has passed on complaints about Bouchard to police, thinks charges are warranted but unlikely. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs likewise believes she has committed the crime of wilfully promoting hatred. That charge requires the Attorney General’s approval, which is not often given, even when police seek it.

As such, Bouchard is more explicitly racist than Tomi Lahren, a television host on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, newly famous as “white power Barbie” for provocations such as calling Black Lives Matter “the new KKK.” But they have ridden a similar wave to fame.

Bouchard rejects the term “alt-right,” the preferred label for far-right Trumpian ideologues who indulge in the same identity politics that traditional conservatism disavows. She calls the label a “Jewish fabrication,” and prefers the term “nationalist,” which she extends to racial purity in dating and procreation, backed up by muddled theories about human evolution.

“There’s nothing wrong with nationalism. If you love your country, you’re a nationalist,” she says in one of her videos.

She uses many of the terms of the alt-right, mixed with outright neo-Nazi lingo. For example she uses three parentheses to refer to Jews, as in “(((they))),” and offers blessings from Odin, a Norse god of great significance to modern white supremacists. She refers to “migrant invaders, the coming “mass awakening,” and she laughs at how people sometimes think her large nose makes her look like a “sholomo,” meaning a Jew.  One of her videos is an instruction in identifying Jews.

Her instant popularity is a familiar story. Another young woman in Alberta, for example, recently realized she was being used by neo-Nazis for promotional purposes, and tried to get help, said Bernie Farber, executive director of the Mosaic Institute, who has long-time experience monitoring hate groups.

Likewise, Elizabeth Moore, a contemporary of Hategan, was “a bright young woman who felt she was being bullied and was not being listened to and along came the Heritage Front and gave her what she needed,” Farber said. “Each of them were used, in a horrible way… The common denominator is that they’re young, attractive, and ripe for the picking.”

This is not to say young women cannot be racist, just that they have a particular and precious propaganda value to neo-Nazis, both for softening their image and recruiting more men. For example, when James Sears, publisher of the racist Your Ward News in Toronto, advertised a speech by Bouchard (later cancelled), the flyer had a picture of her lying on a bed, in a Lolita-ish pose, showing more skin than clothes. Fromm, a co-host, called her a “strong anti-Pedophilia advocate.”

“I know exactly what she’s doing, and I know that she isn’t being manipulated in the sense that she seems to be having a great time doing this, and there’s a certain amount of power that you get when you feel powerless,” said Hategan.

Veronica Bouchard, AKA Evalion© YouTube/National Post Veronica Bouchard, AKA Evalion

Sex and sexism have long been a part of white supremacy. Women are seen primarily as babymakers, key players in the struggle to “outbreed” the other races.

Europe was a wonderful place before these migrants started flooding in raping our white women

For example, one of the two white supremacist slogans known as the “14 Words” is: “Because the beauty of the white Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth.” (The more common is “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”)

Lurid stories of rape by black men — some true, some invented — are also strong motivators. Dylann Roof, for example, as he massacred black worshippers in Charleston, shouted, “Y’all are raping our white women.”

Similarly, Bouchard says in a video: “Europe was a wonderful place before these migrants started flooding in raping our white women.”

She declined an interview request sent to her encrypted email account, based in Germany. (Curiously, Bouchard’s website,, created in September, is registered to Julian Lee, a “locational astrologer” in Oregon, with a history of publicly disseminating white supremacist fliers.)

“Media coverage has done nothing but cause my family stress and I promised them to never talk to reporters again,” she said in reply. She has been vocal about her disgust with media attention ever since she was interviewed last month by Global National.

“I was expecting to have a Doctor William Pierce-style interview, where they play the whole interview, or at least a good portion of it, and let me talk, let me explain my points, but no, no, uh-uh,” she told Brian Ruhe, an anti-Semitic video blogger, UFO seeker, and Buddhism enthusiast in Vancouver.

Pierce was a leading American white supremacist, founder of the National Alliance, and author of The Turner Diaries, a notorious fantasy of race war. As a propagandist, his are big shoes to fill, but unlike Evalion, he was not much to look at.

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