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Комментарии по поводу манер Трампа от канадцев и американцев.

Anne Wilde ·
Trump has worse manners than a Troll. I don't believe he was taught how to say "excuse me", "pardon me"' "please ", "thank you" or anything else polite. He is a bully in a sand box and wants to be the center of attention. The American people should be ashamed of him. Get some backbone my freinds to the south. Get Trump out before there is irrepairable damage done to the reputation of your country.
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Doug MacDougall ·
OMG !!! Seriously!! Trump is a TRUE american and fits in perfect ... for the most part americans are rude, and self indulgent people. I would assume they would elect a man that represents them for who they are. As for numb nuts (Trudeau) he was raised mostly around quebecers which are our lesser intelligent american wannabees. No one has respect for anyone any more and the people of the world have spoken. SAY what you think and if you don't like what someone else says then cut them to the bone with foul language and under handed politics. The world is going to hell in a hand bag and people are all worried about who is cutting in line, or passed them on the hyw. Don't pull over or slow down BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK, merge means you got here to late to the party. Here a camera, there a camera, everywhere a camera. Take the picture or video and see what you can make people think about it. Doesn't matter if that isn't the way things went down because we are all idiots and can be told it is what ever twisted version of the truth they can get the most replies to. I think it was pretty good seeing someone show how important he is by acting like an 8 year old. OK ... I am off my meds again ... keep smiling like you are up to something!!! it will drive people crazy LOL Lighten UP!! (and before you go blowing your top I am half french so there, but I wasn't born in Quebec) teehee
Richard Bell ·
Doug MacDougall You're correct Trump is a true American and really that's not much to proud of. He's demonstrates why Americans are pretty much disliked around the world.
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