montrealex (montrealex) wrote,

Чувак постит копеечную работу из Турции под вывеской американской фирмы.

Job 46439: Expert translators needed in all pairs, you must be able to use SmartCAT

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Expert translators needed in all pairs, you must be able to use SmartCAT: Job 00046439

Source language(s): All languages
Target language(s): All languages

Details of the project: Dear colleagues,

We, Texliff LLC, are currently in need of professional translators specialized in the fields below,

- Legal translation
- Medical translation
- Technical translation
- Audio-visual translation
- Financial translation
- Academic translation
- Marketing translation

- At least two years of translating experience
- Familiarity with computer-assisted translation tools, preferably SmartCAT.
- Strict attention to accuracy, consistency, and spelling rules

If you believe you meet the above-mentioned requirements, please apply to this job at

Please note that applications made by email will not be considered or accepted.

This job is potential.

Special requirements to the applicants: You must be able to use SmartCAT.

We want to pay for this job
0.05 EUR per word

Who can apply: Freelancers only

Deadline for applying: 06/15/2019

Keep this ad at the site permanently

Mustafa Cengiz
Texliff LLC
IP: (Istanbul, Turkey)
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Posted on Friday, 10 May 2019, 02:01:45

Tags: Переводы

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