montrealex (montrealex) wrote,

Сейчас стали раскрашивать старые военные фотографии. А может они такими и сняты были...

Я лично думаю, что раскрасили...

Подписи, надеюсь, понятны и на английском....

A bus lies in a crater in London, England, left after a German air raid, on Oct. 15, 1940.

A M1919 Browning machine gun operator sits inside an American PBY Catalina aircraft, circa 1942.

A Navy Flight nurse is photographed on the wing of a Naval Air Transport Service evacuation aircraft in Okinawa, Japan, in April 1945.

A U.S. Navy SBD Dauntless in flight during Palau Islands' air raid.

A worker inspects .30-caliber bullets, beside a photo of her husband who is serving overseas, at a plant in the U.S.

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Posts from This Journal “Вторая мировая война” Tag