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It may be fallacious to say that because words are first seen in Shakespeare's writings he must be the originator. Jennifer Vernon of the National Geographic News writes that it is very difficult to trace new words back to their original source. Words are typically spoken before they are written. Humans have an innate knack for naturally shifting word pronunciations, absorbing terms from foreign languages, and combining or melding them to suit their needs. The entirety of Historical Linguistics is based on this principle. Words are routinely traced throughout the centuries to see how they change and from where the come. This explains the similarities of English to other languages described above. Often a word can be attributed to Shakespeare's time period because that is when they were first used writing (He was born in 1564 and died in 1616). But most likely, the word was in use for some time before it is seen in the writings of Shakespeare. The fact that the word first appears there does not necessarily mean that he made it up himself, but rather, he could have borrowed it from his peers or from conversations he had with others.

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