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А вот кому фотошки Одри за 6000 фунтиков?

Редкие фотографии Одри Хепберн одетой для проб в фильме "Война и мир" и "История монашенки" выставлены на продажу за £6,000

Первый фильм вышел в 1956 году. Второй - в 1959м.

Одри играла, само собой, Наташу Ростову.

A selection of rare images of Audrey Hepburn taken during two of her major film roles have gone on sale for £6,000. Pictured: Some of the shots taken when Hepburn was starring in 1956 film War And Peace

In War And Peace, which was an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's classic novel, she starred as heroine Countess Natasha Rostova. Pictured: Hepburn being embraced by co-star Henry Fonda

Милуется с Генри Фонда.

Ещё фотки.

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