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Французы, вам не кажется, что время плаксивых митингов "Je suis untel" прошло?

Видели их уже достаточно. Кё фер? Фер-то кё? И каким фертом?

Demonstrators have gathered in several French cities to support freedom of speech after history teacher Samuel Paty was brutally murdered by an Islamic extremist for showing his class caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. Pictured: Several people held signs reading 'Je suis Prof, Je suis Samuel' to echo the 'I am Charlie' rallying cry after the 2015 attack on satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo

Ну да, вас опять много на Пляс де ла репюблик. А х.ли толку? Опять погорюете и забудете?

Thousands gathered in Place de la Reublique to pay tribute to a history teacher who was brutally murdered by an Islamic extremist for showing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to his class

Some placed placards outside Paty's school in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine reading 'I am Samuel' that echoed the 'I am Charlie' rallying cry after the 2015 attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which published caricatures of Mohammed

A moment's silence was observed across the square, broken by applause and a rendition of La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. Pictured: A child holds up a poster of Samuel Paty that reads 'Je suis prof', 'I'm a teacher'

A protester in the French capital holds aloft a placard which reads 'they won't decapitate the Republic' in the wake of the brutal attack

Официальные лица, не обеспечившие профу защиту. А он её просил.

The thousands of demonstrators in central Paris were joined by French Prime Minister Jean Castex (left), Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo (centre) and Paris deputy mayor Audrey Pulvar (right)

Папашка араб - подстрекатель к убийству. Арестован, но скоро, уверен, будет выпущен.

Investigations are focusing on Brahim Chnina (pictured), father of a 13-year-old girl in Paty's class, who denounced the teacher online and gave details of the school. He has since been arrested

Тут у меня спрашивали, так отпилил ли чечен голову французу? Вроде с головой жертва лежит, не?

Demonstrators held aloft posters declaring: 'No to totalitarianism of thought' and 'I am a teacher', while some chanted 'Je Suis Samuel', echoing the 'Je Suis Charlie' cry following the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks

A person holds a sign reading 'I am Samuel' as people gather on the Vieux Port in Marseille

Спасибо, месье Пати за то, что учили нас свободе слова. Мы вас любим.

Pupils left messages to the teacher reading 'Thank you Mr. Paty to have taught us History and Freedom of Speech, We love you' (left) and 'Hommage to Mr. Paty' (right)

Murdered teacher Samuel Paty
Самюэль Пати

It emerged yesterday that Anzorov asked pupils at the French school to point out the teacher who had shared a Charlie Hebdo cartoon of the Prophet nude before targeting him

Teachers arrive to lay flowers in front of Bois d'Aulne middle school to pay their respect after a teacher was assassinated

Имам какой-то. Осудил, конечно. Мирный ислам, мол. Ага. Когда спит лицом к стенке.

Imam Chalgoumi

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