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Ну, во-первых это красиво! Украшение дома на Хэллоуин вызвало визит полиции.

Это произошло в Далласе. Владельца дома зовут Стив Новак.
Проявил, что называется, изобретательность, чо

An artist's bloody Halloween masterpiece has caught the attention of his neighbors - and even local cops in Dallas. The masterpiece features a man killed by a chainsaw and a 'body bag'

Homeowner Steven Novak used nearly two dozen gallons of fake blood to create the gory fake crime scene featuring four 'dead bodies' in Texas

Another dummy has had its head pounded with a metal safe, and lies in a pool of blood, while one 'body' lies with its head completely smashed in

One dummy is sprawled on the roof of his house with a large knife through its head

Officers have been called out multiple times to the property following complaints from locals

'Neighbors told me cop cars were in front of my house a lot during the day,' Novak said

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