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Как Трамп и прочие развлекались в 1990е. Внутри ночных клубов Нью-Йорка.

В эпоху, преджествовавшую появлению мобильных телефонов и селфи фотограф Стив Эйхнер вращался в эпицентрах ночной жизни 1990-х годов и выступал как официальным, так и неофициальным фотографом ночных клубов. Его книга In The Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s показывает никогда прежде не публиковавшиеся фотографии того, что творилось за дверьми самых шумных и востребованных вечеринок десятилетия.
Он вспоминает, что Трамп "любил фотографироваться", и делится фотографией, на которой Джоан Риверс стыдится того, что ее сфотографировали в обществе двух мужчин без рубашек в день ее рождения.
Тексты известного владельца клуба Питера Гэтьена (Peter Gatien) и фоторедактора New York Times Габриэля Санчеса (Gabriel H. Sanchez) дают историческую и культурную перспективу эпохи, когда Нью-Йорк был "более доступным и каждый вечер был свидетелем того, как артисты, банкиры, геи и лесбиянки, музыканты и поэты сливались в экстазе вечеринок".

A-listers: Donald Trump was a regular on the VIP balcony of Club USA in New York City. He's pictured in 1994. The author writes of businessman Trump, 'He loved to get his picture taken. Anytime I would ask for a picture and he would stop whatever he was doing and pose for a picture'

Newlyweds: Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson at the Limelight in 1995. This photo was taken when they were at the height of their fame - she was on Baywatch and he was in Motley Crue and they were recently married just a few months before this photo was taken. The author writes, 'I remember for some reason it is during the day, I don't know if they were there promoting something or just checking out the club but you know they're sitting on a church pew because the Limelight was an old church that was bought by Peter Gatien and turned into a night club'

Birthday girl: Joan Rivers is seen at Club USA, in 1993 where she celebrated her birthday while being hoisted in the air by shirtless men. The author writes, 'These guys, like totally buffed out models, were like carrying her around and I'm snapping pictures and they did a birthday cake and at some point, she pulled me aside and she said "Would you please not use those pictures of the guys." Her stand-up comedy was so raunchy yet she was shy about this photo'
Именинница: Джоан Риверс видели в "Клубе США" в 1993 году, где она праздновала свой день рождения и была с двумя голыми по пояс самцами.
Автор пишет: "Эти ребята с модельной внешностью таскали ее с собой, а я фотографировал. Был сделан праздничный торт, и в какой-то момент она отвела меня в сторону и сказала: "Пожалуйста, не используйте эти фотографии". Ее передача не была, прямо скажем, образцом норавственности, но она стеснялась этой фотографии".

Party twins: The 'It Twins' were famous club kids and party promoters. Though they were not actual twins or even related, they ran around the nightclubs always dressed in matching outfits, like these green wigs with pigtails. They're pictured at the Roxy in 1993

Близнецы вечеринок (It Twins) служили живой рекламой заведений. Никто не знает, были они близнецами на самом деле или нет, но одевались они всегда одинаково и носили одинаковые парики. Здесь они в клубе Roxy в 1993 году.

Young Leto: Jared Leto was a fixture on the 1990s New York club scene. He's pictured at the Tunnel in 1995.  'I always remember him as a nice quiet guy that dressed really cool and had stunning good looks. In 1995 when this photo was taken he already had fame playing the role of Jordan Catalano on the television series My So called Life,' the photographer recalls

Иолодой Джаред Лето (Jared Leto). Был завсегдатаем клубов. Здесь он в заведении the Tunnel в 1995.

Dance floor: An overview of the massive dance floor at Palladium during an insanely creative fashion party hosted by nightlife diva Suzanne Bartsch. Drag queens dance on platforms while partygoers enjoy libations while the music pumps. 'That was one hell of a party. I hope we can do that again one day,' the photographer recalls

Primtime drag: RuPaul is seen at Club USA in 1993. 'When this photo was taken RuPaul had instantly transformed from a club personality just known in NYC into an international superstar,' the author recalls. 'This photo was taken during a performance of Supermodel (You Better Work). The song became a hit and was on heavy rotation on MTV'
Caged in: An art installation is seen at the Tunnel in 1993. 'I never knew what to expect when I walked into a club on any given night,' Eichner says. 'The creativity and push to excite and entertain was a key theme running through 1990s clubland. Art installations were a big part of keeping things fresh and exciting. On this night an 'insane asylum' theme was the expression du jour. Nurses and doctors roamed around performance artists in cages,there was a person in a straight jacket and another in a padded cell. The inmates were running the asylum'
Penis party: Robin Byrd and John Wayne Bobbitt are pictured at the Tunnel in 1994. Michael Musto the legendary nightlife reporter, hosted a party for John Wayne Bobbitt who famously had his penis cut off by his wife Lorena who proceeded to take a drive and throw it into a field where it was later found and reattached. 'The food was basically a mockery of his unfortunate incident. You can see the bread loaf is the shape of a penis,' Eichner writes. 'I had an idea for a photo op. We sat Robin Byrd, a TV host and former adult film actress next to John and gave her a knife. Robin got the concept instantly and proceeded to cut the bread phallus at its base. The reaction on Bobbit's face was priceless as if he was reliving the painful incident'

Тематическая "пенисная вечеринка". Клуб the Tunnel,1994 год.

Girls, girls, girls: Porn star Tiffany Million is pictured at Club USA in 1993. The photo was set up to promote and publicize the Money Drop party. Eichner says, 'The club's publicist came up with the idea and it worked. The club was in Times square and at that time the area was completely seedy. It all fit together, the publicity stunt worked and garnered a lot of press. A beautiful woman with fists of cash what's not to love'
Steal a kiss: 'The S&M balcony at Club USA was a great place to make out or do even more,' Eichner says of the 1994 pics. ' I would walk through with my camera and snap photos of people in all phases of these activities. This particular photograph I call the ''the happy accident''. It was really dark so I could not see exactly what was happening. I pointed my camera at these two people kissing on the sofa and snapped. To my surprise when I viewed the developed film I realized that I had caught 't'he decisive moment''. The guy sticking his tongue out and the girl's mouth waiting to receive it. And the kicker is the dude in the background wiping the sweat from his forehead'
Shampoo room: The Limelight club had a shampoo room which was an entire room filled with thick foam in which people swirled to thumping music and dancing in the foam and throwing the foam in the air. 'I thought it was the greatest idea ever. the author writes of the 1995 photo. 'Imagine being drunk or high and you discover this soap pit of joy. You jumping with your friends and swish around in there. I had to get in there myself once or twice. Good clean fun! Another stroke of genius was once you are done, the suds are blown off of you with a leafblower'

В клубе Limelight была шампунная комната, которая представляла собой целую комнату, заполненную густой пеной, где народ зажигал под музыку, танцев в пене и подбрасывал её в воздух. Я считаю, что это была гениальная мысль, пишет автор под этой фотографией 1995 года.
"Представь, что ты пьян или под дурью и вдруг открываешь для себя эту мыльную радость. Ты бесишься там с друзьями и швыряешься пеной во все стороны. Мне самому приходилось туда забираться раз или два. Хорошее чистое веселье! Еще один гениальный ход - как только ты закончишь, с тебя сдуют пену с помощью воздуходувки для листьев".

Leather and chains: A dancing clubgoer is seen at Club USA in 1993. 'This is one of my favorite photos in the book and kind of says it all about the 1990s club scene in NYC,' the photographer says. 'Anything goes! Here we see a very fit man dancing to the music in boots and a leather G-string and nothing else except his bondage accessories, handcuffs and a leash'
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