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Лондонский район Сохо в 1960е годы.

Fashionable young Londoners smoking pipes and cigarettes in long holders on a Soho street in 1965.

A man at the entrance to a strip club in Soho, London, April 1961.

The Who, led by singer Roger Daltrey with John Entwistle on bass guitar (left), Keith Moon on drums and Peter Townshend on guitar (right), playing live in 1965 at the Marquee Club in Wardour Street, London.

A model taking part in a photoshoot in the window of a new Henry Moss boutique in Carnaby Street, London in 1966.

Muhammad Ali walks back to his London Hotel along Wardour Street attracting a crowd of onlookers and fans, after a press conference in Soho, London. He returned to England for a rematch against Sir Henry Cooper for the World Heavyweight title on May 21, 1966.

Passers-by at Carnaby Street in 1966.

A fish and chip shop in Soho, London and its night time customers in 1966.

The brightly lit Soho Record Centre catches the eye of some late night window shoppers cruising past in a car in London’s busy Soho district in 1966.

John Lennon dressed as a Public Lavatory Commissionaire in 1966 during the filming of the Not Only... But Also Christmas Special, starring Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. He is outside a public convenience near Berwick Street, in London’s Soho.

Two men standing on a Soho street corner in 1966.

A view down Frith Street, looking south towards Shaftesbury Avenue, Soho in 1966.

A customer at the Take 6 boutique in London’s Wardour Street tries on a jacket as all-girl group She Trinity play live in the background. The boutique hired bands to play during the lunch hour to attract more customers in 1967.

Carnaby Street fashions in 1967.

Young mods queuing outside the Tiles Club in London’s Soho clubland ion 1967.

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