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Брэд доставляет бедным bread их насущный

Хотя я и считаю картину Once Upon a Time in Hollywood полным говном,  Brad Pitt всё ж звезда. Тем более выступил в такой благородной роли: ворочал мешки - коробки чуть ли не 8 часов подряд. Мужику всё же 56 уже. Салага, конечно. spotted Brad Pitt helping feed those in need in South Central Los Angeles last week

Кстати, свою Потуральскую он кинул. Недолго фраер её танцевал.

This is the first Brad has been seen since he reportedly split from German girlfriend Nicole Poturalski

This is the first Brad has been seen since he reportedly split from German girlfriend Nicole Poturalski

In exclusive photos obtained by, Brad is seen lugging around and handing out boxes of groceries

Many of those who received groceries didn't realize they were in the presence of one of the world's most famous actors, because of his casual style and the mask he was wearing to protect himself from COVID-19

'There was zero swagger, when he went out to hand over boxes to the crowds he had his mask on,' a source told 'Most people in the crowd probably didn't know who he was'

Жгучая брюнетка испытывает неподдельный интерес к этому подсобному рпбочему в рваных штанах.

Brad was seen taking a break from the long day's work and smoking cigarettes while chatting with a brunette. 'They sat there probably for about 20 minutes, laughing and chatting while he had another cigarette and they sipped at their drinks,' a source said

An eyewitness said: 'Brad really did seem like a hero, the man did not stop all day. Just seeing him driving a big truck in South Central LA during Covid times was in itself amazing'

Его лучший друг - британский художник Thomas Houseago. Решил тоже помочь.
Как-то настораживает фото, не меняет ли Брэд ориентацию часом?

Brad had a tender moment when one of his best friends – British artist Thomas Houseago - showed up to pitch in

'It was Brad Pitt like you've never seen him, with his guard totally down, laughing, joking and chatting,' the source said. 'He was interested and didn't seem to have a care in the world'

Видео тут.

Эксклюзивные фото от Дейли мейл.
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