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Ничо себе сходила за хлебушком. Чорные, канешна, свалили с места преступления.

На Дейли мэйл (видео)

On October 7, Elizabeth Sanchez Gomez, 42, was walking to her van in Bakersfield, California, when she was struck by a car

Video shows an out-of-control BMW careening into Gomez and pinning her against the rear of her white van

Gomez is launched into the air on impact in the parking lot of La Villa Meat Market on California Avenue in Bakersfield

After flipping in the air, the woman lands on the ground with a fractured leg

Вышли полюбоваться на дело руля своего (или не своего)

After the crash, a female driver and her two male passengers emerged from the car to survey the damage

At no point did any of them approach the injured woman laying on the ground in pain

Никто из подонков даже не подумал подойти к женщине, лежащей на земле

After grabbing their belongings from the car, the trio fled the scene on foot

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