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Про Марадону запись получилась большая, ЖЖ не пропустил. Разбил на 2 части.

Часть 2

Приезжал в Россию на чемпионат в 2018.

A manic Maradona concerned fans when he was spotted at the Russia World Cup in 2018 behind Perspex screens covered in mysterious white powder

В Мехико в 1986 году

Maradona's wizardry inspired Argentina to win the 1986 World Cup in Mexico

В 1989 с дочерьми. В Италии.

Maradona beams with with his daughters Dalma and Giannina in his arms in 1989 in Italy

Одно время был жгучим блондином

A blond Diego Maradona kisses his wife Claudia Villafane in passionate public display

Совсем малой

A young Maradona surrounded by his family on a beach in Argentina

С наградами и кубками

Maradona relaxes as he basks in the glow from his trophy stacked cabinet

В Италии проекция его портрета

Flares illuminate a mural depicting soccer legend Diego Maradona, in Naples, Italy

Болельщица переживает

A fan mourns the death of the football legend as she kneels at the entrance of the Boca Juniors stadium known as La Bombomera, in Buenos Aires

И ещё одна

A woman clutches Maradona's book "Yo Soy Diego" outside the former footballer's house in Argentina

A man stands in front of candles as he pays his homage to the football legend in Naples, Italy

Стена памяти в Неаполе

Mourners gather in front of a mural of Maradona in Naples, Italy to pay their respects

С Мишей Тайсоном

Two sporting icons - Diego Maradona and Mike Tyson

и Федей Кастриным

Diego Maradona talks to Cuban President Fidel Castro

С Пеле

The two greatest of all time - Maradona and Pele - relax together on a hammock

С Месси

Maradona enjoys a training session with fellow Argentine star Lionel Messi

Ну и со стариком Кабаевым, как же без него?

The globe-trotting Maradona is pictured alongside Pele and Russian leader Vladimir Putin

Там ещё есть картинки.
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