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43-хлетняя мама потратила 81 000 долларов, чтобы сходить за сестру своего 19-летнего сына

Marcela Iglesias, 43, has shelled out nearly $81,000 for cosmetic procedures over the years and now believes surgery will make her 19-year-old son, Rodrigo, happy (pictured together)

Мы все ей аплодируем. Она получила свои 15 минут (или меньше) славы за свои деньги

The model, from Los Angeles, fully supports his choice despite Rodrigo's young age (pictured together)

The mother-of-one (pictured) has spent her life transforming into a 'human Barbie' is often mistaken for her son's girlfriend or sister

Marcela defended her choice further by stating that Rodrigo (pictured together) was recently diagnosed with a mildly deviated septum so the surgery could further his ability to breathe

Marcela insisted that the procedure would help her teenage son (pictured) feel more comfortable taking pictures

Почитать про то, как мудаки сходят с ума - тут.

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