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Повседневная жизнь в Китае, Пекин, в 1980е годы. Часть 2.

From Forbidden city to Beijing Hotel

Fruit stall selling pears

Fruit vendors near dam, probably the dam on the trip to the Ming tombs and Great Wall at Badaling

Little girl and her mother

Hard sleeper to Xi'an

Hawkers on Chang'an Avenue

Ice cream vendor

In full swing, Beihai Park

Institute for Iron and Steel

Juinensche Courant

Lantian, Wangfujing

Market stall

Near Beijing Hotel

Old lady, Beihai Park

Old man reading

One of the first fast food joints in Beijing, with some brand like Donald Duck

One of the first fast food joints in Beijing, with some brand like Donald Duck

Outside Beijing Hotel

Picking good fruit

Plastering a wall

Population control- restrain within 1.2 billion

Posing for the picture

Propaganda boards in Beijing

Proud mother with twins

Pushing the bicycle


Roundabout, Tiantan Park

Selling stuff to tourists

Sticking coins to the Echo Wall

The girl touches her hair when looking at the haircut models

The great children's seat on the bicycle

The Sacred Way of Beijing Ming Tombs

Tian'anmen and passers-by


Toy store in Beijing

Twins in a stroller

Typical cars on Chang'an Avenue

Woman at the bicyle storage

Young pioneers

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