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Англичанка квасит! Никогда такого не было, и вот снова weekend!

A girl gang in York pose for a pic while out on the town

Glam drinkers heading out for the night in York

A woman in Liverpool showing off her handstand skills

Friends grin as they make the most of their Friday night
Две соски
Glamorous revellers hit the town in Liverpool

Tier 2 drinkers in Liverpool celebrated on the last Friday before Christmas

Drinkers in York escaped tough measures - as three Ms Claus celebrate
A cheeky Santa in Preston flashes his bum
A cheeky Santa in Preston flashes his bum

Two friends pose for the camera as they enjoy Mad Friday in Liverpool

A man gives his friend a cheeky lift while out on the town in Liverpool

Two friends negotiate the cobbles as they walk through Liverpool on Friday night

A trio of women grin as they head out for Friday night drinks in Liverpool

Drinkers in Peterborough enjoyed a meal with their food

Drinkers in Liverpool braved the drizzle

Drinkers in York braved the cold

A woman in York dances next to a busker

Drinkers dressed to the nines in York

Safety first in York as revellers donned face masks before hitting the town

A busker in York managed to bring in a small audience

Some drinkers in York still managed to cause some trouble on Black Eye Friday

A woman in York filled with Christmas cheer

Где именно в Англее встречают нас эти события читать тут.
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