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Англичанка квасит! Очередной эпизод нескончаемого сериала с картинками.

По Англее в эти выходные несётся шторм со скоростью ветра свыше 100 км/час, но чопорным дщерям Британии он пофиг.

Красиво квасить не запретишь!

Хотя некоторых валит с ног, но, похоже, не ветром...

The festivities were too much for some

Young people in Liverpool donned their glad rags despite the weather

Met Office forecasters issued six warnings for Saturday

Hundreds in daring outfits braved the elements

Many were pictured laughing while running through the rain.

In York the storm didn't deter drinkers

Storm Bella battered the country with more than 80mph winds

Rain and wind battered the country this Christmas

Drinkers piled out to the streets once the pubs closed

Partygoers were seen making the most of their short night out

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