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Центральный парк Нью Йорка в разные эпохи. До BLM и безобразий-диблазий.

People ice skating on a frozen pond, 1894. (MCNY)

Children sledding, 1897. (Bettmann)
Children sledding, circa 1900. (Bettmann)
Two men race ice skating, circa 1900. (Buyenlarge)
A group of men playing curling, circa 1900. (Detroit Publishing Company)
Children sledding, circa 1900. (Keystone)
People ice skating, 1910s. (FPG)
People walking on a snow-covered path, 1929. (Irving Browning)
Ice skaters in a race, 1933. (Underwood)
Children sledding, 1935. (Keystone)
Racing with sleighs, 1935. (Denver Post)
Snowball fight, 1938. (Tucker)
Riding horses, 1942. (Bettmann)
People sledding, 1947. (Bettmann)
People ice skating, 1950s. (H. Armstrong Roberts)
A woman on sled, 1954. (Peter Stackpole)
Two people watching pigeons, 1957. (Leonard McCombe)
Children frolicking through the snow, 1958. (Bettmann)
Huge snowball, 1960. (Peter Keegan)
Snowball fight, 1964. (Anthony Calvacca)

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