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Вот тебе, девушка, и день варенья!

Авиакрушение, случившееся вчера на аэродроме в Гостилицах, унесло жизни молодой супружеской пары из Петербурга. При столкновении погибли супруги Иван Кирьяшкин и Арина Богданова. Судя по соцсетям, 8 января у женщины день рождения, и, вероятно, полетом на Piper они с мужем хотели отпраздновать ее 30-летие. Возможно, это был необычный подарок имениннице.

Об этом пишет Мэйл-он-лайн. Фотки ниже тоже оттуда.
Beautician Arina Bogdanova (pictured) died alongside her husband Ivan Kiryashkin, 31, on a short sightseeing flight near Russian city St Petersburg while celebrating her 30th birthday

The couple were killed when their single-engine Piper Cherokee hit a Cessna-150 in mid-air
Wreckage of the Piper was strewn in the snow close to Gostilitsy airport after it plummeted to the ground from a height of 1,000ft
The pilot of their small aircraft, Nikolay Ivanov, 37, (pictured) was also killed in the crash
Arina and her husband were killed in the crash yesterday, on her 30th birthday
The dead couple (pictured) had been together ten years and the planned 15-minute light aircraft flight with views over tsarist capital St. Petersburg was a birthday gift from engineer Ivan to his wife
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