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Осторожно. Фотошоп!

Графический дизайнер, заработавший интернет-известность очень буквальными интерпретациями запросов на коррекцию снимков клиентов в Фотошопе, только что опубликовал ещё один ряд своих гениальных творений. Джеймс Фридман, родившийся в Великобритании, но сейчас живущий в США, хорошо встряхнул пользователей социальных сетей, поделившись своими последними работами в Twitter. У него почти два миллиона подписчиков там.

James Fridman, who was born in the UK but now lives in the US, has left social media users in stitches after sharing his latest quirky commissions on Twitter. This woman thought she would have the swimmer in the background removed... but instead James got rid of her head
Кажется, там чувак в моей башке торчит. Можешь убрать? - Раз плюнуть.

Чувихе следовало написать, конечно Can you remove him, да может она так и написала на самом деле, мы ж не знаем.

This woman asked for a handbag but she probably didn't imagine a bin bag with rubbish
Эй, Джеймс, можешь мне пририсовать сумку в правой руке? - Запросто.

Опять же, наверняка она хотела сказать и, возможно, сказала на самом деле, не мешок (bag), а purse (сумочка).

This woman wanted to be as tall as her boyfriend, so James found an ingenious way to make it happen

Ну а дальше сами-сами. Всё вполне понятно.

A romantic photo at the fairground is ruined by James who removed the man entirely

James pulled off a very amusing outfit swap in this hilarious Photoshop after the social media user said he wanted to show his mother the picture from his travels in Hamburg

Another woman was unwittingly transformed into Star Wars's Darth Vader after asking James for a quick photo fix

James used his graphic design skills to help this woman's friend disappear seamlessly into the background

One family asked James to tweak the angle on their Christmas photo...which he was more than happy to help with

James handed this woman a plate of raw meat after she asked the Photoshop pro to 'move the cows a little closer'

One woman got more than she bargained for after asking James to move her closer to the camera in this waterfall shot

James was more than accommodating to this couple's request to alter the picture so they were standing in a garden together

One couple wanted their wedding photo altered to remove the pole that was obscuring the snap - and James obligingly agreed

James took this man's request to be 'alone' very seriously as he moved him away from his friends as he lurked in the background

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