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Бабушка бросает вызов старости и рекламирует купальники в возрасте за 60.

Этой бабусе, которой сейчас 62 года, норот даёт на 20 лет меньше. Её пять советов для того, чтобы выглядеть и чувствовать себя молодой вы прочитаете тут, а я вам покажу картиночки. Итак, поехали.
Лесли Карлтон, живущая враскоряку между своими домами на Бали, Индонезия, и городом Лос-Анджелесом, снималась в журналах, каталогах, телевизионных рекламных роликах и рекламных щитах по всему миру. И даже сейчас, в свои 62 года, бабушка, имеющая двоих внучек продолжает кружить головы своими пышными золотистыми локонами, бездонными карими глазами и стройной фигурой в форме песочных часов.

Leslie Carleton (pictured on her 62nd birthday), who spends her time living between her homes in Bali, Indonesia, and Los Angeles, has modeled in magazines, catalogs, television commercials and billboard ads around the world

The ageless beauty (pictured modelling in Bali) credits her youthful looks to a myriad of lifestyle choices that she believes has helped her stay in shape and look young

The model and author, now aged 62, is proving age is just a numberShe is the oldest woman to compete in the 2021 Sports Illustrated swimsuit competition

Even now she is in her sixties the grandmother-of-two (pictured) continues to turn heads with her luscious golden locks, deep brown eyes and slim hourglass figure

Leslie has said that her dream is to be a voice for all women in the world to believe in themselvesShe wants encourage them to be the best they can be no matter what their circumstances

Leslie now splits her time living between her homes in Bali, Indonesia, (picutred) and Los Angeles, USA

Leslie's top tips for staying youthful is to weight yourself every day to keep track and advises eating small, healthy meals every 2-3 hours, with cheat meals once a week

If the age-defying grandmother (pictured) wins the Sports Illustrated competition she will be one of the oldest models to ever feature on the cover

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