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И Израиле почти как в Амстердаме. Вышли с огоньком против комендантского часа.

Сотни ультраортодоксальных евреев вступили в столкновения с полицией во время антиблокировочных акций протеста в Иерусалиме. Протестующие бросали камни в транспортные средства, использовали большие мусорные баки, чтобы перекрыть дороги, и повредили автобус во время утренней демонстрации во вторник в ультраортодоксальном районе Меа-Шарим, сообщает The Jerusalem Post со ссылкой на полицию.
Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews clashed with riot police during anti-lockdown protests in Jerusalem on Tuesday

Полиция ответила водометами, разогнав толпу и арестовав восемь человек. Это столкновение было одним из нескольких сообщений во вторник - последние столкновения между ультраортодоксальной общиной Израиля, или хареди, и правоохранительными органами из-за ограничений, направленных на сдерживание распространения коронавируса.

The clash on Tuesday was just the latest in a series of near-daily confrontations between police and ultra-Orthodox protesters in Israel Pictured: A clash between ultra-Orthodox Jews and police in Ashdod on Sunday as officers were dispatched to close schools that had opened in defiance of lockdown rules

Сотни людей бросали камни и яйца в полицию во время акции протеста в сильно ультраортодоксальном городе Бейт-Шемеш, где, по сообщениям, были задержаны три человека.

Protesters reportedly threw rocks at vehicles, used large bins to block roads and damaged a bus during a Tuesday morning demonstration in the ultra-Orthodox Mea Sharim neighbourhood in Jerusalem

В другом месте, в Модиин-Иллите, поселении на Западном берегу, десятки людей попытались заблокировать полицейскую машину и жестоко бились с полицией, сообщают израильские СМИ.

Police used water cannon, to disperse the hundreds of protesters in Mea Sharim on Tuesday and reportedly arrested eight people

The clash in Mea Sharim among several reported on Tuesday - the latest confrontations between Israel's ultra-Orthodox, or haredi, community and law enforcement over restrictions intended to curb the spread of coronavirus. Pictured: Police take a protester into custody

In Beit Shemesh on Tuesday, hundreds of people threw rocks and eggs at police during a protest, during which reports suggested three people had been detained. Pictured: Riot police face off against anti-lockdown demonstrators in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem on Tuesday

Police reportedly arrested eight people at Tuesday's anti-lockdown protest in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem. It followed anti-lockdown protests in Bnei Brak on Sunday night. Pictured: Police make an arrest in Mea Sharim on Tuesday

In Modi'in Illit, a settlement in the West Bank, dozens attempted to block a police vehicle and violently confronted officers trying to enforce lockdown restrictions, according to Israeli media. Pictured: A riot police van in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem, on Tuesday

Clashes between police and members of the ultra-Orthodox community have been reported on an almost daily basis in Israel in recent weeks as it struggles to manage the coronavirus pandemic despite outstripping all other countries with its speedy vaccination programme. Pictured: A man walks past burning bins which blocked the street in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem on Tuesday

Israel has vaccinated more than a quarter of its 9.2million people in just over a month but the infection rate in the country remains high and poor compliance with restrictions among the ultra-Orthodox community threatens to undercut efforts to contain the virus. Pictured: Bins burn in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem on Tuesday at a protest

An ultra-Orthodox man is detained by riot police at a protest against lockdown measures on Tuesday in the Mea Sharim neighbourhood, Jerusalem

Some members of Israel's ultra-Orthodox community have railed against restrictions put in place to curb the spread of coronavirus. Pictured: Flaming rubbish bins block the street during a protest in Mea Sharim on Tuesday

The ultra-Orthodox community has claimed it is being unfairly targeted by the authorities for non-compliance with restrictions, while secular Israelis say the opposite is true. Pictured: A protest in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem on Tuesday

Some secular Israelis feel that authorities have been less strict in imposing limits on ultra-Orthodox businesses and gatherings, watching with exasperation as police ticketed individuals not wearing masks or restaurants opening in defiance of the rules, while seemingly turning a blind eye to the transgressions of the ultra-Orthodox during Israel's second national lockdown in October. Pictured: Protesters are sprayed with water cannon during a demonstration in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem on Tuesday

The defiance of some ultra-Orthodox Jews to comply with lockdown restrictions has confounded public health experts, tested Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's long standing political alliance with religious leaders and triggered a new wave of resentment from secular Israelis who fear for their health and livelihoods. Pictured: A protester raises his arms during a protest in Mea Sharim, Jerusalem on Tuesday

Israeli riot police intervene in a protest against coronavirus restrictions in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighbourhood of Mea Sharim on Tuesday

Large parts of the community are adhering to rules, but some ultra-Orthodox view the restrictions as a greater threat than the virus, fearing the lockdown restrictions will undermine their way of life. Pictured: Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews attend the funeral of a rabbi in Ashdod in October, despite lockdown restrictions [File photo]

A deep chasm has long divided religious and secular Israelis, wrought by years of seemingly preferential treatment for the ultra-Orthodox who are granted government stipends to study full-time. Pictured: A crowd of thousdands of ultra-Orthodox Jews who ignored lockdown rules to attend the funeral of a rabbi in Ashdod in October [File photo]

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