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В Австралии сейчас лето и никакого вируса. Сдох на солнце. Шилы веселятся и ликуют.

Шила (Sheila) по-австралийски то же, что гёрл по-английски.

Thousands of Australians packed the beaches on Tuesday to celebrate their national day as the revellers made the most of the country's Covid success

Many flocked to popular hotspots such as Bondi Beach and the Gold Coast where they partied with little social distancing

Many waved flags to mark the national holiday while others wore Australian bikinis to celebrate the January 26 public holiday

Large groups met up together, donning swimwear as they partied in the heat on the stunning beaches

The popular Bondi Beach was teeming with revellers as temperatures in parts of Sydney soared to 40C

Two women celebrate the national holiday on the back of a boat as temperatures soar on the Gold Coast

For many, the day was a cause for celebration and many donned their swimwear and partied in soaring temperatures on the beaches

The revellers drank beer and enjoyed barbeques to celebrate Australia Day although the celebrations were more muted than in other years

The revellers took to the sea, drinking in the water as they hugged and partied in close proximity, a foreign sight to many under tight Covid restrictions across the world

Police patrol amongst a large crowd in Gordons Bay in Sydney's East as temperatures soared

Masks and social distancing were a rare sight with Australians enjoying their lack of local virus transmissions

Australia has fared better than most other developed economies in the pandemic, with just under 28,800 total cases and 909 deaths

The January 26 holiday marks the date the British fleet sailed into Sydney Harbour in 1788 to start a penal colony
Полиция и алкоголь - не близнецы-братья.
A Police officer tips out alcohol during a large beach party in Gordons Bay with many meeting up to celebrate the national holiday
Вылил старый, купили нового.
Many of the partygoers piled into boats or brought inflatable items as they floated together on the sea while drinking

On Tuesday, the country recorded its ninth consecutive day of zero community transmissions, according to the health ministry

The debate around Australia Day - which was only formally established as a national holiday in 1994 - has grown increasingly heated debate in recent yearsThe debate around Australia Day - which was only formally established as a national holiday in 1994 - has grown increasingly heated debate in recent years

Australians gather around a barbeque on the beach with the country divided on whether the national day should be celebrated

A recent Ipsos poll for The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald newspapers showed that 28% of people favoured changing the date of the Australia Day holiday

Many wore Australian flags and took selfies to mark the national holiday in the sun

Beachgoers at Gordons Bay (pictured) were reportedly on their best behaviour on Australia Day - despite the huge crowds

Любят пожарить лук

A couple fry up some onions over a gas barbecue on the back of a boat as they celebrate Australia Day on the Gold Coast

И не только лук

A man checks on the meat cooking on a BBQ next to the river at the Nepean River Reserve in Menangle Park on January 26, 2021 in Sydney

Pictured: People celebrating Australia Day in Cronulla, as beach car parks around the city reach capacity

Two woman enter the water in Newcastle as temperatures soar on Australia Day

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