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Панксатони Фил всегда прав! Шесть недель снегопадов или больше нас ждёт.

У меня за окном метёт котами, собаками и белыми медведями. Карточки не мои. Дейли Мейл. Я сделаю позже, когда навалит побольше, как упыри навалили Навальному.

PLAINVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS: Mario Vieira, a custodian at the Beatrice H. Wood Elementary School, struggles with a snowblower on Tuesday while clearing sidewalks and walkways after the area received a blanket of wet, heavy snow overnight
И всё из-за этой шкуры, блин!

The news of the new storm seems to line up with Punxsutawney Phil's (pictured) prediction of six more weeks of snow. The furry critter was woken up at 7.25am at Gobbler's Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to see whether he would see his shadow or not, and he did

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: A man carries a child in a stroller over snow in the Brooklyn borough of New York on Tuesday

Нью Йорк полон и всегда будет полон фриков.

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: A jogger runs on 5th Avenue near Rockefeller Center in New York on Tuesday

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK: A New York Police Department vehicle is seen buried in the snow a day after heavy snowfall in Manhattan

BRUNSWICK, MAINE: A bicyclist peddles on slick roads during a winter snow storm on Tuesday

WEEHAWKEN, NEW JERSEY: Cars covered by snow are pictured during a winter storm

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: A man removes snow from a car following Winter Storm Orlena on Tuesday

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: A New Yorker is seen removing snow from around a vehicle Tuesday morning

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