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Тока написал про наводнение 1910 года в Париже, как это случилось снова! Сглазил, чо.

Если кто тот пост пропустил...

The famous embankments and avenues of Paris were submerged under the River Seine for the fifth day in a row on Saturday as the weather service forecast 'la inondation' would last into Monday

A man rides a bicycle along the flooded roadway on the banks of the river Seine, Paris, France on Saturday. Rivers across France broke their banks this week amid heavy flooding and the national weather service forecast the waters would stay high through the weekend

A lamppost in Paris is submerged under the Seine this morning as France suffers a deluge of rain

A man walks alone along the banks of the river Seine on a deserted locked down day in Paris on Saturday

An artist paints the scene in Paris today as the River Seine continued to flow over the banks

A man wades through floodwater along the swollen banks of the Seine river, submerged in floodwater in Paris on Friday

A man wades through floodwater with a dinghy boat to transport goods to a river barge moored long the swollen banks of the Seine river on Friday

swan swims along the swollen banks of the Seine river, submerged in floodwater in Paris on Friday

В Германии тоже заливает - Буркхардтсдорф.

Melting snow and continuous rain have caused the levels of the river Zwoenitz in Burkhardtsdorf, Germany, Thursday


Flotsam floats on the banks of the Rhine in Cologne, Germany, Thursday

The man and a child paddle in the water of the river Rhine in Duesseldorf


Behind trees, a cargo ship sails on the high water of the Rhine in Duesseldorf, Germany

Закат гейропы, чо. Правда и в отделившейся Британии та же песня. Букингемпшир.

A man wears waders to get back to his property in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire

Близ Лидса

Houses and cars are flooded after heavy rain hit Drighlington near Leeds, West Yorkshire


Floodwater from the River Nene (right), fills the fields near Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire as Storm Darcy brings heavy rain

И т п

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