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Рокси Кобылюк пишет ногой. В буквальном смысле слова.

13-летняя девочка из Лондона тренируется по 15 часов в неделю и мечтает поступить на работу в монреальский Cirque du soleil.

Roxy Kobyliukh spends up to 15 hours a week honing her skills as a contortionist

The teen juggles schoolwork alongside her training

She multitasks by holding positions such as the 'triple fold' while studying

Roxy one day hopes to join Cirque du Soleil as a contortionist

She has amassed an impressive following thanks to her poses

Семья Кобылюков.

The 13-year-old lives in west London with her mum Uliana and dad Andriy

Roxy discovered her talent at the age of five

She says 'it’s so fun doing tricks and getting reactions from people that have never seen anything like it before'

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