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Звезда Тик-тока из Луизианы убила себя зачем-то.

Только написал про двух российских прыгуньях с высоты из Самары, как сорока Дейли Мейл принесла на хвосте ещё весточку.
Кто такая впервые слышу, я в тиктоки не ходюк. Почитаете там. Папа грит, стресс у неё. Ну вот, разрядила стресс, чо.
Радикальным способом.

Noyes posted a final video to her Instagram stating that it would be her last, picturedTikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes, otherwise known as Dee, died on Monday aged 18

Noyes' parents said on Tuesday that she died by suicide. She is pictured on her graduation

С папой

Her father Raheem Alla confirmed her death on TikTok with a montage of pictures of his daughter as he thanked everyone for their ‘love and support’, pictured together above

Noyes's father, pictured with her above, said he wished she had 'spoken to me about her stress'

Fans paid tribute to Noyes on her TikTok account where she had 1.5million followersTikTok star Dazhariaa Quint Noyes, otherwise known as Dee

Бабушка снималась с ней в клипах

Noyes' grandmother often featured in her TikTok videos, as pictured above

Бойфренд был.

Noyes' boyfriend had also recently appeared in her YouTube videos, pictured

18 лет стукнуло...

TikTok star Noyes was 18 years old

1,5 лимона подписчиков в Инсте имела. Чо не жить было?


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