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За что банят в Фейсбуке? Посмеёмся?

1. Излишняя сексуальность.

OVERTLY SEXUAL? Facebook deemed this photo of cows in a field as 'overtly sexual'

OVERTLY SEXUAL? The US giant said the England cricket team huddled was 'overtly sexual'

OVERTLY SEXUAL? Nesting herons were deemed 'overtly sexual' by Facebook

Это фото высотного  тоже за сексуальность не пустили.

OVERTLY SEXUAL? A high-rise building was deemed 'overtly sexual' by Facebook

2. Пропаганда алкоголя

PROMOTING ALCOHOL? A neon sign which read 'disco' was said to be promoting alcohol

PROMOTING ALCOHOL? A brew image was said by Facebook to be 'promoting alcohol'

Если вы мне верите, то даю пруф.

Mike Hall was forced to wait two months before the ban was finally lifted in an extraordinary climbdown. However, he said Northwall Gallery took a financial hit because it was unable to share sponsored posts. Pictured, screenshots from Mr Hall's Facebook account

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