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Масквичи е у меня в чтецах? Разбейте измышления западных адвокатофф фарса и шакалов пера!

Москва была погребена под 60-см слоем снега, грёбаного в огромные снежные кучи. Транваи к загсам не съижжалыс, общаковский транспорт, мол, встал, затрудняя пешедралам проход по городу.

Moscow has been buried underneath two foot of snow, causing massive snow piles, disrupting transport, delaying flights and making it tough for pedestrians to make their way through the city. Pictured: A Russian honour guard stands between snowdrifts at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier by the Kremlin in Moscow yesterday

Откопали, но другого.

Snowfall began late on Thursday and was expected to end later today, but Russia's emergency service has warned people to stay away from trees. Pictured: A worker cleans snow from around a Russian Honour Guard yesterday

Снегопад начался поздно вечером в четверг и должен был закончиться позже сегодня, но МЧС России предупредило людей держаться подальше от деревьев. Оттуда, мол, могёт прилететь.

By early Saturday, snow depth in the city reached 56 centimetres (22 inches), Fobos said. This was close to exceeding a record high of 60 cm for accumulated snow on a Feb. 13, it said. Pictured: People walk in the Red Square yesterday during heavy snowfall

Они также предупредили о порывах ветра в 40 миль в час, когда температура в Москве упала до минус 15 градусов по Цельсию.

There have been multiple flight delays at the airports in Moscow, a city of more than 12 million people. Unusually for a weekend, traffic was jammed in many places. Pictured: Cars are left completely covered by the snow

Выступая перед началом снегопада, Евгений Тишковец из метеослужбы "Фобос" сказал: "Это настоящая метель, снежный Армагеддон, снежный апокалипсис. Это не учебная тревога, а боевая.

A huge bank of snow surrounds a statue today, dedicated to the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in Pushkin Square, Moscow

В пятницу в Москве выпал рекордный для 12 февраля снегопад, побив предыдущий рекорд, установленный на эту дату в 1973 году, сообщают российские информагентства со ссылкой на общенациональную метеорологическую службу.

Giant banks of snow have built up along pathways in Moscow after heavy snowfall. Pictured: Two women walk past a large mound of snow in central Moscow earlier today

К началу субботы глубина снега в городе достигла 56 сантиметров, сообщил Фобос. Это было близко к тому, чтобы превысить рекордную высоту в 60 см, говорит агентство.

With snow piled as high as his waist, this utility worker is seen shovelling the snow with a plow to try and clear some of the paths in Moscow

В аэропортах Москвы, города с населением более 12 миллионов человек, неоднократно задерживались рейсы. Необычно для уик-энда, движение во многих местах было остановлено.

Around 60,000 people were working to clear the streets, the Moscow mayor's office said. Pictured: Utility workers clear snow from pavements in the Russian capital earlier today

По данным мэрии Москвы, на расчистке улиц работали около 60 000 человек.

The heavy snowfall seen in the Russian capital has left this row of cars almost completely covered in snow, with just their wing mirrors poking out

With as much as two foot of snow having fallen in the Russian capital, many people woke this morning to find their cars buried beneath the snow

To make buildings safe, some of the snow that had built up on some buildings was scraped off by a taskforce of utility workers today

It's not all bad: The heavy snowfall, nearly a record for a February 13 in Russia, has offered the opportunity for many children in the Russian capital to head outside and play

Наталья Серая, председатель клуба зимнего плавания "Моржи столицы", вчера в Москве, несмотря на сильный снегопад, бросила вызов морозам и ухнула в прорубь на Москва-реке

Natalya Seraya, chairwoman of 'Walruses of the Capital' winter swimming club is seen braving the freezing temperatures of the Moskva River in Moscow yesterday amid heavy snowfall

The heavy snowfall seen in Moscow over the last few days has been described as a 'snow apocalypse'. Pictured: People walk through heavy snowfall at the Red Square in Moscow, yesterday

The mass snowfall seen in the Russian capital has made it harder for pedestrians to make their way through the city, with some snow banks piling up to knee-height

Дитям ндравицца

Huge piles of snow make the perfect wintery playground for children in Moscow who braved the snowfall for some outdoors fun yesterday

It might not look like it, but beneath the snow is a tall lamppost at the Red Square in Moscow, yesterday. A girl is seen playing on top of the snow bank

A team of workers has been sent out into the city to try and clear away some of the snow to help traffic start flowing again

Multiple flights have been delayed or cancelled in Moscow as a result of the heavy snowfall. Pictured: Children enjoy climbing a bank of snow outside Domodedovo International Airport yesterday

Обмениваются вирусами

A couple share an intimate moment together during heavy snowfall in the city of Moscow yesterday at the Three Station Square

Traffic has been brought to a halt in parts of the Russian capital, with the heavy snowfall, described as a 'snow apocalypse', causing havoc with transport in the city

В Химках вообще труба, пишут.

A woman is seen working hard to clear away large snow banks that have covered the area in front of her home in Khimki, just outside Moscow, yesterday

A snowplow truck removes snow from the road in Moscow on February 12. The city has deployed teams of workers to try and clear the streets following days of heavy snowfall

A man with a shovel fills the bucket of a tractor on a Moscow street on February 12 amid heavy snowfall in the Russian capital

Heavy snowfall in the Russian capital of Moscow has caused traffic chaos, with many cars left completely buried beneath huge banks of snow

The main entrance arch of the VDNKh Exhibition Centre in Moscow is nearly completely covered by banks of snow as the Russian capital is hit by heavy snowfall

An excavator removes huge piles of snow from in front of the large archway of the VDNKh Exhibition Centre in Moscow yesterday

Но жрать-то одиннах надо!

Traffic has nearly been brought to a grinding halt in Moscow as a result of heavy snowfall. Teams have been deployed in the city to clear some of it away. Pictured: A food delivery cyclist battles through the snow to complete a delivery

Trucks on a Russian motorway stand gridlocked yesterday after heavy snowfall in Russia. The snow is expected to continue falling in the Russian capital until at least the end of today

Исток гнусной клеветы, спонсированной НАТОЙ. И СЕАТОЙ. И Лоттой Свярд до кучи. 

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