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Парняга из Канады предпринял драконовские (и дорогостоящие) меры, чтобы стать...драконом.

Он истратил 20 000 долларов на хирургические процедуры, чтобы выглядеть как дракон. В операции вошли, в частности, вырезание чешуек на руках и татуировка глазных яблок.

Burns in full dragon makeup

Он полон решимости стать самым внешне измененным человеком в мире.

30-летний Джошуа Бернс из Ванкувера начал свой нелёгкий путь в драконство 19 лет, когда ему косметически разделили язык надвое.

С тех пор художник-перформансист и продавец рептилий обрезал мочки ушей и сделал уши заостренными, покрасил язык в фиолетовый цвет и вставил силиконовые «рожки» в лоб.

До того, как...

Burns is pictured here before his transformation which has involved several painful surgeries

И заездили ножи по ушам и другим местам....

Burns after having his ears pointed which involved stitching together the ends of his ears to form a point

Татуировочка. Как же без неё!

Burns' back tattoo, which took 51 hoursBurns' dragon tattoos

Burns showing off his arm scars with tattoos. He says that this is the most painful of the procedures he has had done

In 2017, he even had scarification done, which involved using a scalpel to cut out sections of the skin and form a scale design (pictured)

Burns is pictured after having his arms scarred - which he said was three times more painful that having a tattoo done

Козлик вставил рожки...

Burns has also had his eyeballs inked (pictured), which cost him $1000 CAD (£580), but he said it wasn't painful

Burns is pictured as his onstage persona Burns the Dragon showing off his split tongue

Burns (pictured showing off his split tongue) is determined to become the most modified person in the world

В 2009 году

So, in 2009, aged 19, Burns was introduced to a body modification artist and started having more work done. Pictured before his transformation

С сороколетней подружкой и единомышленницей Тристан

Burns and Tristan are pictured here in one of their more outlandish looks together

His girlfriend, Tristan Risk, 40, is completely supportive of his plans to push his transformation even further (pictured together)

Burns and Tristan backstage. They met at a show and now live together with their pet snakes

Творческий изрыгатель пламени, чо

Burns the Dragon is pictured breathing fire onstage during one of his crazy performances

И так далее.
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