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Собачки в Дзержинске то розовеют, то зеленеют. Зависит от настроения и химии.

Собаки стали розовыми и голубоватыми в российском городе, где производилось химическое оружие.

Инциденты произошли в Дзержинске, одном из самых загрязненных мест в мире.

Эксперт, который осматривал бездомных собак, сказал, что их окраска — и какашки — стали синими.

Dogs have turned pink in former chemical weapons-making city Dzerzhinsk in Russia where there was a recent case of seven blue strays

The pink dogs were discovered next to the Kristall factory in Dzerzhinsk in Russia which manufactures explosives and ammunition, said reportsPink dogs were discovered next to the Kristall factory

Officials and a top vet have since claimed to locals that the cause was not toxic, and denied the dogs suffered from chemical burning

Dmitry Karelkin, head physician of Zoozashchita veterinary hospital, said only: 'It is some kind of chemical.' Pictured: Dogs at Zoozaschita vet clinic

An expert who examined the strays said their colouring - and poo - had both turned blue

Есть и видео.

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