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Америца готовится. Сегодня судят полицейского, делавшего свою работу.

Пост для своего жж делал вчера. Сегодня дополнил. См. ниже.

George Floyd 3
Будут ли новые беспорядки? А то!

George Floyd

Дерек пока на своболе. В октябре прошлого года отпущен под залог.

George Floyd 2

George Floyd 10

George Floyd 9

George Floyd 8

George Floyd 7

George Floyd 6

George Floyd 5

George Floyd 4


Сегодня они уже протестуют и негодуют в Миннеаполисе.

Protesters carrying a fake casket take a knee and raise their fists during a silent march in memory of George Floyd on Sunday

Но к суду их не подпускают

Minneapolis' downtown area is being turned into a fortress as the city braces for the commencement of Chauvin's trial. The image above shows members of the National Guard standing behind a barbed wire fence perimeter surrounding Hennepin County Government Center early on Monday morning in Minneapolis

Two National Guardsmen look on as they stand next to a military vehicle in front of the courthouse in Minneapolis on Monday

Jury selection is scheduled to begin at 9am Eastern Time - or 8am local time in Minneapolis

Local authorities spent  about $1million fortifying the area around the courthouse (seen above on Monday)

Хватит. Отпразновали своё битьём витрин и сжиганием машин почтили память наркомана. Байдена избрали, опять же. Полезные идиоты, блядь.

Two armed National Guardsmen look on just hours before the scheduled start of Derek Chauvin's trial in Minneapolis on Monday

Traffic is rerouted and barricades are put up near the courthouse in Minneapolis on Monday

Протестуйте на задворках Миннеаполиса. А в других штатах, кроме Миннесоты, вообще тишина. Так и надо.

Thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Minneapolis on Sunday - the eve of the start of ex-cop Derek Chauvin's trial over the death of George Floyd

Гробоносители, чо.

The protesters followed behind a replica coffin covered in red roses as chants of 'No Justice, No Peace' rang out

Protesters carried a banner with the words: 'I can't breathe' - the same statement George Floyd made over and over as Chauvin pressed his knee into the black man's neck for nearly nine minutes during an arrest on May 25, 2020

Protesters raise their fists and chant during the 'I Can?t Breathe' Silent March for Justice on Sunday in Minneapolis

Витрины на всякий случай заколотили...

Crews work to board up a business as demonstrators march in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday

Local businesses in the area are also boarding up in anticipation of the trial

A child places a flower on a fence near a Black Lives Matter placard during Sunday's rally in Minneapolis

Many protesters Sunday said they worry Chauvin will walk free, but warned that this would not come without consequences

People carry a casket covered in roses during a march in honor of George Floyd on Sunday in Minneapolis

Minneapolis has been preparing for unrest surrounding the trial for weeks, calling in up to 2,000 National Guard members and 1,100 other law enforcement officers to patrol the streets. Pictured: Protesters at Sunday's rally
Чорная мышь не проскочит...
Photographs taken by on Friday show barbed wire and metal barricades have already been erected around the Hennepin County Courthouse where the trial is set to start Monday with jury selection

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