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Это Америца, детки! Неxeр нам диктовать, что можно, что низзя!

На этой неделе более 300 000 байкеров прибыли в Дейтона-Бич с вызывающим посланием президенту Джо Байдену и его предписанию носить маски по всей стране: "Это Америка, вы не можете указывать нам, что делать".

Tens of thousands of bikers rolled into Daytona Beach, Florida, this week for the 80th annual Bike Week

Знаменитая мекка Весенних каникул (Spring Break) ознаменовала свою 80-ю ежегодную Байкерскую Неделю, несмотря на опасения, что такое скопление народа может вызвать супер распространение инфекции Covid-19.

The bikers had a defiant message for President Joe Biden and his national mask mandate: 'This is America, you can't tell us what to do', as one biker is seen flying a 'F*ck Biden' sign

Практически никто не носил маску и не практиковал социального дистанцирования, когда татуированные гуляки набивались в бары, чтобы подпевать ритмам группы REO Speedwagon и оттянутся пивком за 3 доллара.

Many bikers were seen maskless and appearing without a care in the world as fears mount that Bike Week could become a large superspreader event

- Я отказываюсь носить маску. Джо Байден мне не указ, что делать. У меня есть конституционное право делать все, что захочу, - смеётся 52-летний байкер Джон Саксон.

Ashley Martinez, a 27-year-old erotic dancer from Miami, was happy to put a mask on while indoors'I refuse to mask. Joe Biden ain't gonna tell me what to do. I have a constitutional right to do whatever the hell I want,' laughed biker John Saxon, 52.

Эшли Мартинес (слева), 27-летняя эротическая танцовщица из Майами, была не против надеть маску, находясь в помещении. Но 52-летний Джон Саксон (справа) сказал процитированное выше.

Hundreds of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts descended on Daytona Beach, Florida for the 80th annual Bike Week this week

Louie Louizes, 51, owns the Ocean Avenue Gallery and sells commemorative t-shirts, masks and other trinkets in Daytona Beach. One of his top selling masks reads, 'This Mask is as useless as Joe Biden'

There was little love for Biden but the crowds roared with approval when a 'Trump Unity' bus covered in banners reading 'Stop the Steal' and 'Honk if you love Trump' lapped the block

A bikini clad women poses on a motorcycle on Main Street during Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida on Tuesday, March 9

The Terrace on Main Street welcomes bike week bikers with a special offer of $3 Miller Lite, Coors Light and Yuengling in Daytona Beach

Vanilla Dawn, 43, from Reno, Nevada, is a rally bartender at The Crusin' Cafe on Main Street in Daytona Beach during Bike Week 2021. This is her third season working Daytona Bike Week and she owns a bar in Reno Zoldan, owns and sells shirts at the Daytona Shirt Shop. "Four, for $20, best deal in town," he said. He points out that his most popular shirt this year is the official 2021 Daytona Bike Week design.

A biker wearing an American flag shirt with an explicit message on the back rides his motorcycle without a care in the world

An ambulance was seen towing a trailer with the Trump Unity Bridge and the former President's slogan 'Make America Great Again.' Over a megaphone they project 'Trump, the greatest President ever!'

Best sellers among the bustling stalls and stores this year include t-shirts saying 'Bikers Lives Matter' and 'I survived Corona Bike Week'. A 'Sons of Trump' shirt is seen

Gift shops and small vendors along the main Daytona Beach drag told they relied on bike week for at least a third of their annual revenue

Biker David Seibert, 24, a mechanic from Pittsburgh, flies a flag behind his motorcycle that reads "Fu*k Joe Biden and Fu*k you for voting for him!"
Байкер Дэвид Зайберт, 24 года, механик из Питтсбурга, с флагом позади своего мотоцикла с надписью ""Fuсk Joe Biden and Fuсk you for voting for him!"

Scantly clad women walk down Main Street in Daytona Beach posing for pictures for tips. 'People are just ready to be out there with other people. Everyone is happy and excited to be around each other with no masks, no distancing. Social distancing has been hard on the world,' one local told

A live band plays to a crowd in the parking lot of The Full Moon salon. 'We took a beating last year. We were shut down for three months. We missed all of Spring Break, that's 40 percent of our business,' said Louie Louizes, 51, who has owned the Ocean Ave Gallery since 1989

A local vendor said, 'But I will tell you this: bikers don't give a fu*k about Covid and they don't give a fu*k what you think. They are free, it's their style and I feel the same'

It's estimated that 300,000 to 400,000 people will descend on the city this year, down from the 500,000 yearly figure but still a huge boost for the Covid-ravaged tourism scene

Cruisin' Cafe has Go-Go dancers outside and a packed house inside with very few people seen in masks during Bike Week 2021

Street vendors are seen selling food to maskless customers on Main Street during Bike Week. The state has permitted restaurants and bars to operate at full capacity since September

Protocols were put in place including spacing events out across a far larger area and striking a deal with local venues to reduce indoor capacity to 60 percent in return for issuing permits for outdoors drinking and entertainment

Bikers got creative with their costumes, with one enthusiast outfitting his cruiser with clown faces as he wears a clown mask

As the afternoon wore on Wednesday, revelers funneled into Main Street for outdoor gigs, discount beer and photo opportunities with scantily clad biker girls joined the rally as photos show leather-clad motorcyclists from every state in the nation cruising down Main Street for a raucous week-long party

Cruisin' Cafe has Go-Go dancers outside and a packed house inside during Bike Week 2021


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