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Любят американцы своего президента. Шутят над ним незлобно так. По-дружески.

После того, как сонный Джо споткнулся на трапе самолёта, он мгновенно стал посмешищем.
Белый дом, ничтоже сумняшеся объяснивший падение президента порывом ветра, добавил масла в огонь
Сын Трампа соорудил видео, где его папа размахивает клюшкой для гольфа и бьет по мячу, а мячик сбивает Байдена с ног, когда он поднимается по трапу.

Это был не ветер, ребята, - пошутил Дон-младший ( ‘It wasn’t the wind folks.’)

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted this meme joking that it wasn\'t the wind that knocked Biden over but a golf ball fired at his head by TrumpDonald Trump Jr. tweeted this meme joking that it wasn\'t the wind that knocked Biden over but a golf ball fired at his head by Trump
И так далее. Смеемся над убогим...
Others on social media joked that Biden would need a stair lift to transport him from the tarmac to Air Force One

Others on Twitter used Photoshop to superimpose a stair lift at the White House

A cartoon posted on Twitter depicts a stair lift carrying Biden to Air Force One

Камала вдруг осознала, что станет президентшей....

Another meme depicted Harris as gleeful since she\'s \'realizing she\'s about to be president\'

Others likened the Biden stumble to the famous meme from 2015 showing an intruder being tackled at the Cannes Film Festival

The actual incident happened during the 2011 festival, but internet jokesters managed to trick people into thinking that it was actually singer Jason Derulo tumbling at the Grammys in 2015. The meme above superimposed Biden on the staircase during the Cannes Film Festival in 2011

Pro Football Network got in on the fun, joking that Biden was felled on the staircase by Tennessee Titans star running back Derrick Henry

Another Twitter user joked that Biden fell as a result of an anime battle with Sasuke. Anime is a Japanese comic book style that has gained popularity worldwide, particularly in the West. Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character from the Naruto anime franchise

Путин явно выигрывает в фотосессии...

One Twitter user juxtaposed a tearful Biden with the famous photo of a shirtless Russian President Vladimir Putin\'s on horseback


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