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Для них вирус - забытое прошлое!

На этой неделе гуляки без масок в Техасе выпвали, веселились и балдели.
Центры по контролю и профилактике заболеваний умоляли молодежь не участвовать в ежегодном празднике пляжной выпивки, опасаясь, что это может спровоцировать всплеск инфекций COVID-19.
Но пьяные завсегдатаи вечеринок на Южном острове Падре откоровенно презрели идею напяливать маски или дистанцироваться. Зачем это нужно, если пиво всего за 2 доллара и можно оттянуться с друзьями?

"Я здесь, чтобы пить, встречаться с людьми и веселиться - без масок", - сказала Алисса Куинлан, 21 год, второкурсница, изучающая сельское хозяйство в Texas A&M. - Оставайся дома, если заболеешь. Приходи на вечеринку, если нет.

No mask, no problem! Advice from health officials fell on deaf ears as hardly any revelers were seen wearing protective face coverings or practicing social distancing on the crowded beach

Целлюлитную красоту не спрячешь! Особенно, когда не очень-то и стараешься.

Spring break forever: Hundreds of college students flocked to South Padre Island, Texas this week to kick off Spring Break celebrations, one year after the coronavirus pandemic lockdown

Party time: A group from Kansas, drove 16 hours to spend Spring Break on South Padre Island

Social distancing wasn\'t on the cards either for girlfriends Carlyn Briganti, 19, Bella Burgin, 21, and Hannah Westerdale, 21, who flew down from the University of Omaha Nebraska

Down on the beach, DJ Gozo blasted trap music from a deafening sound system while an MC hyped up the crowd - telling them: \'Daily Mail is here, let\'s go viral\'

A young woman downs her beer from a beer bong syringeSpring break

Most of this week\'s action was happening at Clayton\'s - \'the Biggest Beach Bar in Texas\' - which puts on daily parties on the sand with DJs, booze giveaways and twerking competitions

Coronavirus, who? Hundreds of young partygoers packed the sand as they partied this week, after officials opened city beaches with no restrictions last week

South Padre Island, a sleepy beach town of 5,000 people at the southernmost tip of the Lone Star State, transforms into a pulsating party mecca every March for Spring Breakers from Texas and beyond

The popular beach was awash with young college students intent on getting wasted with their peers despite the ongoing pandemicSpring Break 2021 kicks off outside Clayton\'s Beach Bar on South Padre Island,

Health precautions and social distancing was nowhere to be seen amid the booming bass, beers and babes on South Padre Island this week

Greek life: Sorority and fraternity club letters and flags were spotted around the beach on South Padre Island

A couple of college girls were seen representing their sororities and some fraternities by writing Greek letters on their body with markerA couple of college girls were seen representing their sororities and some fraternities by writing Greek letters on their body with marker

Some revelers set up tables on the sand to play rounds of beer pong and other drinking games

Были и сиськи, но нам не показали

The crowd roared with approval as the field was narrowed to the two sexiest dancers, with asked to cast the winning vote

Больше картинок и видео тут.

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