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Невада славит Джо Байдена. Гуляй, рванина, чо!

The city's reopening has given tourists and workers a taste of normalcy after a year of pandemic lockdown orders. Brazilian photo girls Vanessa Leite (left) 35, and Jessica Gouveia (right) 29, told 'This weekend has been great. It feels like things are back to normal. It's so much better than last year'

Огромные толпы, заполонившие Лас-Вегас-Стрип в первый уик-энд после послабления этих всяких карантинов проходили под одним лозунгом:
Спасибо, Джо!
Тысячи людей ринулись в "Город греха" в минувшие выходные после того, как губернатор Невады Стив Сисолак ослабил режим пребывания своего штата дома, позволив казино, барам и ресторанам вновь открыться на 50 процентов.
Многие из гуляк рассказывали они воспользовались этой возможностью, чтобы отоварить свои стимулирующие чеки на 1400 долларов в выходные дни, прокутив деньги на вечеринках, в то время как отели воспользовались коньюнктурой, подняв цены до уровня до пандемии.

В субботу вечером "Страт" предлагал номера за 179 долларов за ночь по сравнению с 50 долларами летом, в то время как "Космополитен" поднял цены до 610 долларов.

Sin City's back! Thousands of people flocked to the Las Vegas Strip over the weekend amid Nevada's reopening of bars, casinos, and restaurants at 50 per cent capacity
Парижский Лас – Вегас, предлагавший номера в июле прошлого года за 55 долларов, продавал кровати за 284 доллара. В соседнем ресторане Bally's цены на напитки взлетели до 269 долларов, а отечественное пиво Dos Equis продавалось по 13 долларов за бутылку.

Revelers Owen Bowden, 25, and Natalie Ganpar, 24, indulged in a supersized boozy drink as they walked around the crowded strip
Работница ресторана Эшли Стаффорд, 37 лет, из Лас – Вегаса, сказала: "Люди совершенно не тратят свои стимулирующие чеки-толпы огромные и отличаются от обычных.

Some revelers told they chose to travel to Las Vegas specifically because of the reopening and 'freedom.' Pictured, a woman poses with two shirtless men in cowboy hats

Las Vegas's famous showgirls were back on the strip, where they were seen donning skimpy getups and posing with revelers

Эх, хороши местные дамочки. С дороги, куриные ноги! - кричали мы в детстве про таких.

Friends Brea Maddox, 25, Imani Glabben, 25, Charyian Statham, 24, and Chavon Johnson, 24, were among those who traveled to Sin City over the weekend to welcome the city's lax restrictions

Although some health restrictions have been eased, Nevada is still enforcing a mask mandate, although not everyone is sticking to it. Pictured: A group of women app

Lucy Perez (center) 28, from San Diego, was in town with her friends Adriana Quiroz (left) 24, and Ruby Nonega (right) 27. She said: 'I wasn't expecting it to be so busy. But now people have got their stimulus checks, they've been sitting home for a long time so they want to get out and spend it'

One year later: Sin City, which draws millions of tourists from all over the world every year, was buzzing with revelers again after the COVID-19 pandemic shut its iconic strip down

The huge crowds have been well-behaved, with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department telling the larger numbers have had no impact on crime so far

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! The majority of revelers were seen with a drink in hand as they walked up and down the stripA man is seen enjoying an oversized drink from the famous Fat Tuesday's

Guadalupe Rodriguez, 23, and Alan Rodriguez, 25, pose on the strip after enjoying some drinks

Mani Easter, 21, from Contra Costa County, California, said she was in Vegas for her own 21st birthday celebrations and said the stimulus check helped fund her tripLovebirds Ben Danforth, 26, and Veronica Imsan, 38, got engaged on their trip to Las Vegas

While very little to no social distancing was observed among tourists and partygoers, most adhered to the state's mask mandate while they were out and about

Ну и как без Элвиса в Лас Вегасе? Правда старенький он уже... Ну так поживи с его...

The reopening of the strip saw the return of Las Vegas's usual cast of characters, including Elvis impersonators, showgirls, and street performers

Party, party: A tourist is seen posing for photos with two women dressed in showgirl costumes on the crowded strip

Crowds in Las Vegas during the weekend stirred talk Monday, March 22 about a coronavirus pandemic recovery arriving along with college basketball fans, spring breakers and pool partiers

'Throuple' Shay Stephenson, 37, Renae Lofton, 31, and Paul Witherspoon, 39, said they had traveled from their home in Akron, Ohio, to celebrate Shay's birthday

Las Vegas day clubs were also in full swing, with dozens of guests seen drinking and partying at the Flamingo hotel's pool party

What pandemic? Some pool party guests ditched their masks and failed to practice social distancing during the festivities

Есть и наши люди

The reopening comes after months of economic fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic after the strip was shut down completely between April and June 2020

For some visitors, the prospect of contracting COVID-19 was a thing of the past, as many were seen drinking and huddling together at hotel parties, bars, and events

В казино маски обязательны

Nevada has seen a total of 301,000 COVID-19 cases in the last year and has endured 5,174 deaths so far. But cases have been dropping, with just 225 new sufferers in the past week of which 135 were recorded in Clark County

The uptick in customers at casinos, hotels, and bars is a promising sign the economy could bounce back quickly

Many members of the crowd were seen wearing humorous novelty tees as they indulged in the city, including Mario Rencher, 24, Latasha Rencher, 25
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