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Есть деушки в русских селеньях, власов не стригут никогда.

"Настоящая Рапунцель***" говорит, что она не стриглась 17 лет, после того как заключила пари с подругой в подростковом возрасте.

***Рапунцель - это такая сказка братьев Гримм. Шоб вы знали.

Daira Gubanova, 34, from Banaul, Russia has been growing her hair for 17 years and it's now 172cm long - and she has over 184,000 followers on her Instagram page
34-летняя Дайра Губанова из Барнаула на юге Центральной России впервые начала отращивать свои локоны в 14 лет, и теперь они достигают почти двух метров в длину.

Ее волнистые, золотистые волосы теперь достигают в длину 172 см. Ножницы их не касались с того дня, когда она поспорила со своей школьной подругой, что не будет стричься.

The airport security worker said she decided not to cut it after making a bet with a friend as a teenager, and it hasn't been near scissors since

Her growing journey began when she was just 14, when her hair was already at her knees but she decided to cut it short. Months later, her friend challenged her to a competition to see who could have the longest locks

Daira, a mother-of-one works as a part-time hair model, and her daughter Evelina wants to follow in her mother's hair-growing footsteps

She admits that sometimes her hair can get caught on things including doorknobs in her house

Daira follows a strict hair routine every day and only washes her hair twice a week

She uses sea buckthorn oil from Natura Siberica, as well as leave-in hair creams and fluids and last year launched her own shampoo brand

She says she only cuts the ends of her hair slightly every year to keep her locks healthy and get rid of split ends

The airport worker and Instagram star says she rarely ventures out with her hair down, preferring to keep it tied up outside of the house

She says: 'Women do not always react positively, and many do not understand how long hair should be managed'

At night, Daira goes to bed with her hair loose to rest from it being 'tied up all day long'

Исток реки её волос.

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