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Вот что значит стабильность!

Carolyn and Kelly Gay, 70 and 76, celebrated their golden wedding anniversary by returning (left) to DSM First Church in Des Moines, Iowa, where they got married exactly 50 years earlier on March 12, 1971 (right)

Влюбленная пара воссоздала свои свадебные фотографии ровно 50 лет спустя, причем невеста даже была одета в то же платье и стояла у той же церкви.

Кэролин и Келли Гэй, 70 и 76 лет, отпраздновали свою золотую годовщину свадьбы, вернувшись в Первую церковь DSM в Де-Мойне, штат Айова, где они поженились ровно 50 лет назад, 12 марта 1971 года. Пара с большой степенью точности воссоздала свои оригинальные свадебные фотографии в той же церкви, стоя перед тем же алтарем и крестом, где они давали свои клятвы на супружескую верность 50 лет назад.

Grandmother-of-four Carolyn spent a staggering three years growing out her luscious locks for the recreation photoshoot and wore the same bridal gown that she donned on the big day in her 20s (recreation left and original right)
Бабушка четырехлетней Кэролин даже три года отращивала локоны для фотосессии, и надела то же самое свадебное платье, которое она надевала в знаменательный день в свои 20 лет.

The couple, from Cumming, Iowa, (pictured) amazingly recreated their original wedding photographs using the same church, alter, cross and candelabras that were used at their wedding, so the pictures were a perfect match

Carolyn was inspired to do the photoshoot (left) after growing out her hair, as she explained medical procedures and anaesthetics, as well as suffering from breast cancer, had damaged her hair, meaning she would frequently cut it off

As part of the shoot (left), the couple even dug out the receipts from the original day (right) and discovered that the entire celebration, including their honeymoon and reception for nearly 200 guests, cost around $340 (£247)

Carolyn's stunning white gown (pictured left in recreation shoot and right on original wedding day) cost $46.35 (£33.81), with an extra $8.24 (£6) for alterations, while catering for their 193 guests totalled $63.82 (£46.56)

Kelly, who works in safety solutions, wasn't able to sport the same suit that he wore 50 years ago (right), but found a similar suit to wear for the recreation shoot (left)

Carolyn (pictured with Kelly) said the photoshoot took around an hour-and-a-half and she was amazed that the church hadn't changed in 50 years, adding that it was even the same colour as on their original wedding day

Photographer Sam Hoyle from Two Hoyles Photography incredibly managed to edit in (left) Carolyn's late father Rolland Strain, walking her down the aisle to mirror the original wedding (right)

Carolyn admitted that the photographs were 'so much fun' to recreate (left) in the same church that they got married in (right), while they were even able to stand in front of the same alter and cross

Their biggest expense from the original wedding (right) was the flowers, which came to a staggering $131.84 (£96.18), while their four-night honeymoon to New Orleans came in at $91.20 (£66.53), with just $0.36 (26p) for gas

For a snap showing Carolyn's hand wearing her wedding ring, she admitted that she remembered tucking her thumb underneath as she remembered having a broken nail in the original photo (right) that she had hidden

Carolyn said she and Kelly haven't yet made any big plans for their 60th anniversary because she said, 'we've got to get there first' (recreation wedding photo left and original right)


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