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Америце показали кадры наркоши Флойда в никогда раньше невиданном видео. Он уже был неадекватен.

В лавке он пытался расплатиться фальшивой 20-долларовой купюрой.

New video showing George Floyd (center in a black tank top) inside the Minneapolis Cup Foods store moments before his death was played in court on Wednesday at the start of day three of Derek Chauvin's murder trial

Пока все свидетельства за Флойда - чисто эмоции. Факт остаётся фактом. Он сдох от передоза.
Floyd is seen holding the counterfeit $20 bill he used to buy cigarettes before a clerk noticed it was fake

Across the approximately ten minutes of footage, Floyd can be seen meandering through the small store where he had dropped off his cell phone to be fixed

He could be seen rifling through his pants pockets, counting and recounting bills, taking them out and replacing them Floyd is seen standing at the counter with bills in hand

Смотрите сами.

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