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У нас в Канаде мосты попроще, чем у кетайсев, но и повыше над пропастью во ржах.

В мае откроют. Пустят только привитых от КОВИДа.

When the Golden Skybridge, pictured, opens in May it will become, at 426ft, the highest suspension bridge in Canada

Golden Skybridge will offer up dramatic 360-degree views of expansive alpine vistas and a breathtaking view of a 200ft (61m) waterfall

The Golden Skybridge (pictured), near the town of Golden, will actually consist of not one but two expansive suspension bridges, with the lower one hanging at an elevation of 262ft (80m) – still high enough to make it the second-highest suspension bridge in Canada

The two bridges that make up the Golden Skybridge experience will be connected via a woodland footpath totalling three kilometres (1.8 miles) in length and viewing platforms will provide guests with further opportunities to take in the picturesque landscapes

The Golden Skybridge will also feature a tandem bungee swing and 1,200-metre- (3,937ft) zipline spanning the canyon, opening later this summer

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