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Была чуть-чуть посажена, а потом отпущена.

Под залог в $100 000.

Kim Potter was arrested on Wednesday
Kim Potter в тюремной робе. Если осудят, то могут дать до 10 лет тюряги. За убийство вот этого:
Wright was shot dead by cops just ten miles from where George Floyd was killed
Kim Potter resigned after the fatal shooting of Wright
Мама 2х детей и ветеран полиции.
Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon has also resigned
Её начальник тоже подал в отставку.
Attorney Ben Crump held a press briefing with the families of Floyd and Wright

Дом полицейской с пятью спальнями окружён забором. Она получала примерно 90 000 в год.
Potter's house is fenced off as local police guard her residence on Wednesday

Народ баламутит.
Riots broke out in Brooklyn Center after Wright was killed
Demonstrators in Minneapolis carry umbrellas to protect from tear gas
Potter was booked under a second-degree manslaughter charge

Папа и мама убиенного.
Wright's parents said they 'can't accept' that their son was killed 'accidentally'
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