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Ну вот я обещал вам бритов бритых и небритых с пивом и чем покрепче.

Смотрите, завидуйте тому, как культурно народ отрывается. БРИТАНЦЫ танцуют  грязных улицах и разнузданно ведут себя в первый уик-энд свободы с тех пор, как открылись питейные заведения. Особенной популярностью пользуются пабы под открытым небом (паб-гарденс). Мильёны их, их тьмы и тьмы и тьмы. Попробуйте, сравнитесь с ними!

A group of pals in Leeds dressed up to enjoy the night out

A group sings Happy Birthday at a packed bar in Old Compton Street, Soho

Brits enjoyed sharing a pint in Leeds as beer gardens opened for the first weekend

Some drinkers dressed up more than others as they headed to the pub in Liverpool's city centre

Women danced in the street in Manchester to celebrate the re-opening of beer gardens

One drinker stretches out on the street in Birmingham city centre

One drinker attempts a hand-stand in Liverpool after a night out

Tables and chairs covered walk ways in Soho, central London

Newcastle revellers heeled up for their first Friday night out since restrictions eased

Pubs have reopened for service for the first time this year

Litter builds as drinkers enjoy the first Friday night out this year in Northern Quarter, Manchester

One friend gives her mate a piggy back as they head out into the town

Pals danced to celebrate lockdown restrictions being eased

Rubbish was left lining the streets after boozers headed out in Liverpool last night

Revellers enjoy a night out in Birmingham

Источник и больше фото-на кликабельной картинке ниже.

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