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Англичанка квасит! Очередной эпизод нескончаемого сериала с картинками.

Ливерный пул!

Partygoers in Liverpool

Ньюкасл рулз и акробатит.

A woman performing an acrobatic flip in Newcastle

Two pals having a good time in Newcastle

Утомлённая в Лидсе

A man takes care of his friend who looks like she had a bit too much to drink in Leeds

The two ladies got rid of their high heels before heading home

Revellers hit the town in Manchester
Полицейская и задрот.
Young revellers enjoy the bars in Leeds

Partygoers were excited to start the Bank Holiday weekend

A woman in Leeds took her shoes off and clutched a bottle of wine

Чота я притомилась малёхо...

It all got a bit too much for some drinkers in Leeds

A drinker posed up lying on the ground in Newcastle

Drinkers heading home after a boozy night out

It was all too much for a punter in Birmingham

Куда идём мы с пятачком?

Two pals leaving the club in Newcastle

Крепость мясов уму непостижимая, сказал бы Ноздрёв.

Partygoers in Broad Street

Punters celebrating in Leeds

These friends were enjoying a night out in Newcastle

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