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Давно уже англичанки у меня не квасили, и вот опять!

Культурно разговлялись третью ночь подряд, чтобы по максимуму использовать длинные выходные и не беспокоиться о работе в понедельник. Утром, вероятно, будет не одна больная голова, так как толпы сияющих дам и парней снова вышли на улицу в воскресенье вечером - улицы Ньюкасла и Лидса были заполнены выпивохами.

Two drinkers enjoy a night out on the town in Newcastle

A man helps one reveller get back on her feet in Newcastle city centre

A group of pals help one partygoer back to her feet

Boozy Brits made the most of the three day weekend in Leeds

One lad carried his pal after a night of drinking in the city centre

Women dressed up for a night out embraced as they headed out in Newcastle

One woman was pictured sitting bare foot on a pavement in Leeds

One group perched on a bench and enjoyed a McDonald's after a boozy night

A girl walked bare foot clutching her heels

Many got dressed up for one more night out before Bank Holiday Monday

Friends have been delighted to see each other and head inside for a wine after months apart

People enjoyed a takeaway after an evening of boozing

Girls got dressed up for a night on the town


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