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Рапунцель такая Рапунцель

Настоящая Рапунцель, которая не стригла свои натуральные светлые волосы длиной 6 футов в течение 30 лет, раскрывает секрет длинных локонов: она моет волосы только раз в неделю, никогда не расчесывает их во влажном состоянии и дает им высохнуть естественным путем

Real-life Rapunzel Alena Kravchenko, from Odessa, Ukraine, with 6.5ft-long natural, blonde hair who hasn't cut her locks in 30 years has revealed the secret behind growing her golden tresses

Alena Kravchenko, 35, from Odessa, Ukraine, said she only washes her hair once a week in a process which takes 30 minutes+11

The hair model never combs her hair whilst wet to prevent breakages nor does she use a heat to dry it, preferring to air dry her hair naturallyAlongside her simple haircare routine, Alena uses hair masks and head massages to keep her mane looking sleek+11

Her hair is longer than her five-feet-six-inch tall frame and means she sometimes steps on her hair when it is hanging looseShe showcases her luscious long hair on social media where she has more than 57,000 followers on Instagram+11

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